Five Ways to Celebrate the Return of Spring

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March 12, 2015

Depending on where you are in the country, it may not seem like it right now but spring is just around the corner. Those five feet of snow will eventually melt away as a new season arrives. There’s something really sweet, pure and inspiring about spring. It’s like an annual rebirth that gives the entire earth a fresh start. In honor of the season, here are five ways that you can celebrate the return of spring:

Clean and Organize

Almost all of us have heard of “spring cleaning” and, really, it’s a great way to kick off the season. The milder temperatures mean that you can open the windows and air out your home while you assess how much junk you’ve collected over the winter months. Set aside time to first declutter each room of your home and then do a deep cleaning on specific areas (or the whole house if you’re ambitious!). Popular areas include the kitchen (especially the fridge), carpets, window coverings, bathrooms and garage.

Grow a Garden

They say that “April showers bring May flowers” so why not try your own hand at gardening this year?  Maybe you are an old pro who needs little encouragement but beginners can start by checking out guides for starting a simple garden. Some foods can even been grown indoors in small spaces. Not only will you feel in tune with Mother Nature but you may save money on groceries (and eat better).

Try New Recipes

Freshen up your dinner rotation with some new recipes (maybe even include ingredients that you grew in your garden). Spring is a great time to eat fresh foods such as salads, fruits and vegetables along with soups and sandwiches. Short on time? Look for great seasonal recipes that you can prepare in your crockpot.

Go for a Nature Walk

Much like us humans, the rest of nature seems happy when spring rolls around. There’s something magical about walking outdoors as everything seems to be waking up after a long winter’s slumber. Plants are in bloom, insects are hatching and animals are stumbling around trying to remember where the best hunting spots are. It’s an incredible experience that happens just once a year.

Get a New Hobby

Since spring is often about new beginnings, why not try something totally new?  Look through your local newspaper/blog/website to see if something interests you. Have you always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance? Does painting appeal to you? Why not sign up for one of those new colorful themed 5k or 10k races? It’s your life. Start living it!

How do you celebrate the arrival of spring? Are you planning to try something new or do you prefer to stick with a tradition?

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