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Direct Sales: Why It Works For So Many Moms

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May 10, 2013

Today’s moms are choosing more frequently to work from home. They opt to stay home to raise the kids but are still looking for something they can do part-time to contribute income to their families. I know the feeling. It happened to me when my first son was born in 2000. I turned to direct sales to enable me to earn money without leaving my baby. Direct sales is a great option for many women. According to the Direct Selling Association census, over 81% of direct sellers are women. There are over 60 million direct selling consultants worldwide and it’s growing!

Though some Moms cringe at the word “sales” and are quick to say they are “not a salesperson” – really isn’t everything in life sales? When we tell a friend about a great restaurant we just dined at and why they should go, we are “selling ” that restaurant to them. Same for a movie we see and recommend. So let’s think of it as sharing, instead of selling. Is that better? It’s called “social selling” – with the surge of websites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter – which allow Moms to market their businesses online by sharing with connections they made.

So when you find the company that you love, that has a line of products  that you adore, it’s simply  a matter of sharing it with others. How can your item enrich someone else’s life or fill a need? How can your business opportunity help another person? See? It’s not that hard. And when you think of it that way and bring passion along with you, you can do very well.

While there are many things to look for when joining a direct sales company, there are a few points that stand out to me and that you should consider.

  • Is the company reputable? If you google “complaints” do you find a long list? Are they listed with the DSA or the BBB?
  • Does the company have a product line you like, use and believe in? When you use and love the line, you will find it much easier to share it and hence, grow your business and customer base. To me, this is a key issue. If you don’t love what you do, it’ll be challenging at best. When you love the line,  and you feel in alignment with the products and company values, then go for it.
  • Does the company have values that fit with your lifestyle?
  • Is the company a sales-driven company, not just focused on recruiting? Talk to consultants and research it. Perhaps follow a few consultants on Facebook and see if they are focusing on the products or only recruiting?
  • Does the company offer a reasonable start-up investment? Many will range from $79 to several hundred dollars for a large kit. But make sure you are getting products for that money and not just paying a set up fee. Check return and cancellation policy as well.
  • Does the company have an auto ship? It it reasonable? While some people love the idea of getting new products each month, others would rather order when they choose.
  • Are parties a requirement? Some require parties, some allow them as optional ways to gain business. IF you want to have parties, then great! However if your focus will be retailing online, check around and see if any consultants do that, how it works for them, and how it fits with the company.
  • What kind of support will you get? Ask about team training and resources, ask if your potential leader works the business daily, ask what the company offers as far as training. Training ranges from phone calls, text support, webinars, in person meetings, and company sponsored events. Make sure most of these, if not all, are available to you when you sign up.

There are many more points but I’ve focused on the few important ones I feel necessary when shopping around to join a direct sales company.

Some new Moms, or even busy Moms of 3 or 4 wonder how they will find the time to work their businesses. Ask a direct sales Mom who already has a successful business plus  multiple children, sports games, schools , etc and she will tell you she is busy but has learned to carve out notches of time to make business a priority as well. When your business is in direct match with your core values and lifestyle, it’s never “work” and always fun. Check out these five tips for growing your direct sales business.

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