March 1, 2012

Heavy wetters in the house? Not you… your little’s obviously! How about some eco-friendly Mamas? Well if you have read my previous post about my cloth diapering relationship, you will know that I am not an “all in” type of diapering Mama. Disposable or cloth… I don’t have a strong stance either way. I just go with the flow and whatever works for us and our family is what I do.

Well since that post on cloth diapering, I have went 100% disposable. It just wasn’t working out for our flow throughout the day and I just couldn’t make it work. So until mister Gentry is potty trained (and yes I’m already working on that with him), we will be an all disposable. I feel like I have tried them all. All the brands. Big box names down to the off brands. Gentry’s skin definitely does NOT like Huggies – that I have learned. He works best with off brands (shockingly) during the day and then Pampers overnight diapers at night because… well… Gentry is a heavy wetter at night.

That’s where my issue comes in. Even the Pampers overnight diapers STILL leak. He will have a wet patch below his belly button every…single…morning. Without fail. Can you relate? I just thought… this is how it will always be since even the brand name overnight diapers don’t work.

Enter Bambo Nature Diapers. I hug these every night. I do. I swear. I even cuddle with them at night. OKAY I kid, but honestly every time I slip one of these suckers on Gentry I KNOW, he is locked in and secure free of leaks. I didn’t start that belief in the beginning.

When I received these diapers to do my own review, I was very hesitant. An Eco-Friendly diaper that works. Hmmm. And I haven’t heard of these before… Hmmm. So I admit, I did not put these on him the first night when I received these diapers. Tested these out during the day only. I just knew Gentry’s past experience with diapers during the night and I did not want to wake up with a soaked crib and a toddler holding a diaper in his hand…or mouth… you get the picture.