SocialMoms 3.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the social networking site go?

It’s been moved to You can reach it by clicking on the “Network” tab in the navigation bar at the top of this site. All links have been preserved.

Will my old login work on the new 3.0 site?

No, for technical reasons. Setting up a new profile on 3.0 takes just a second. The easiest way to do this is to click the “login with Facebook” option in in the right sidebar.

Where will the blogging programs be posted?

At, using the same formats as before.

What’s with the My SocialMoms Rewards Loyalty program?

It’s our way of tying together our engagement activities and rewarding our members using a flexible “rewards” system. It’s designed to reward community participation. We will link this to the SocialMoms Insider mobile app as well. For this to work, you’ll need to ensure that the e-mail address we have on file for the My SocialMoms Rewards program (where you get your notifications and statements) matches that in your Profile settings in the mobile app. The integration isn’t done just yet but it takes just a second to update your profile and make sure we’ve got the right link. All rewards are keyed to the email address you’ve registered in the My SocialMoms Rewards system.

What if I don’t want to authenticate with Facebook for My SocialMoms Rewards?

We’ll still send you a statement letting you know how many points you’ve earned or been gifted. The app allows us to track and reward you points for content on our site you post to your wall. To get credit for sharing, you’ll need to authorize the app. Getting your rewards is also a Facebook application (the rewards catalog and self-service fulfillment system). We won’t post anything to your wall without your direct instruction to do so. We hate Facebook spam and auto-post apps as much as you do.

Please ask a question to the right if you need more answers. We’ll be updating the FAQ from time to time. Thanks for your interest!