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Winter 2011 Fashion Trends

December 12, 2011

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you should forego fashion in the pursuit of warmth. The runways were full of fun trends to incorporate into your winter wardrobe this year. Plus, there’s no better remedy for the winter blues than putting on great outfit–looking good and feeling stylish will transcend itself in your attitude. So show the sleet and snow whose boss and spice up that boring old pea coat with a splash of color or a touch of python print.

The great part? You can integrate these trends through simple accessories or opt for the faux versions—we won’t tell. Bottom line, there’s no excuse to look as dreary as the weather. Read on for five of the top trends spotted on the Fall/Winter 2011 runways.


Heels | Sweater | Skater Dress | Corduroy Pants

Winter is typically the season for neutral colors and black reigns king. Not this year. Bright colors, especially royal blue, purples, and reds, graced the runway and the stores. Color blocking has been huge for all of 2011 and continues through the winter. See ya later beige, hello baby blue.


Button-Down | Riding Boots | Cardigan | Jeggings

The more layers you wear, the warmer you’ll stay this winter. Fortunately, fashion aligned with science and layering is a fashion-do for winter. Keep your layers balanced and tailored to avoid getting lost in your clothing. For example, combine a fitted top with a chunky cardigan and scarf. Add layers with accessories: don’t forget sunglasses, a bag, or a fun hat.

Wild Fabrics

Fur Vest | Bracelets | Flats | Dress

Take a walk on the wild side with python and leopard prints, feathers, and fur. A little goes a long way, so limit the prints to bags, shoes, accessories, or simple fabrics. Look for feathers in dresses and skirts to create the illusion of movement. Fur, or in many cases, faux fur, is a fun new addition to the winter fashion line-up. Try a fur cape or vest to get your feet wet in the fur trend.


Skirt | Shorts | Pants | Jacket

Use this trend sparingly—no leather cat suit. Leather, or faux leather, skirts, pants, jackets, and if you’re feeling daring, dresses, are all very on-trend right now. Combine leather pieces with feminine colors or plush fabrics to soften the look.


Dress | Sleeveless Blouse | Skirt | Blouse

While this last trend won’t keep us especially warm in the winter, we’ll look good wearing it. Sheer fabrics can give you a tailored look with a hint of sex appeal. Try a sheer blouse with (or without, if you’re feeling brave) a camisole.

Now that you’ve got the fashion know-how, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and incorporate these trends into your winter attire. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how much different your outlook is after spicing up your typical wardrobe.

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