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What’s Your Theme Word for 2019? Try 1 of These 15!

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December 19, 2018

Most people start January 1st with a list of resolutions. Did you make yours yet?

Some create a resolution that is specific or overwhelming. Lose 25 pounds. Find a new job. For others, a resolution is too vague and they just can’t stick with it because it needs a feeling attached to it.

If you find yourself ditching your resolutions year after year, why not try choosing a single word for 2019? This word will define the qualities or habits you wish to achieve during the new year.

Here are 15 ideas for your 2019 New Year’s theme word (or short phrase). Write your words on paper, add them to the screensaver on your phone, write it on your mirror with Sharpie, and LIVE them! If you do this and set your intention, you will have a year focused on the changes you wish to bring about.

  1. Grow – a reminder to grow as a person, challenge yourself, try new things, not be stagnant.
  2. Gratitude – living in gratitude helps us appreciate all we have. Create a gratitude journal and learn to live in the moment. You’ll likely feel a wonderful sense of happiness and peace come over your life.
  3. Mindful – what does this mean to you? Perhaps to be mindful when listening and speaking to others.
  4. Play – a fantastic reminder and theme word for those who work a lot or are a bit too serious. “Fun” and “Play” is not just for children, it’s a way to keep us healthier and young at heart.
  5. Joy – choose deliberately to do things that bring you joy. Be with the ones you love, travel, be creative, and enjoy life!
  6. Harmony – a wonderful word for the new year. Bring harmony into your house and life by focusing on it.
  7. Patience – focus on taking deep breaths, slowing down, and waiting before you reply or lash out. Having patience with others and with ourselves is vital.
  8. Kindness – cultivating kindness is more than just being nice. It’s making sure you do things daily that bring others happiness. Daily acts of kindness—anything from holding a door to smiling at strangers to leaving a small gift for someone—will make your life richer and fuller.
  9. Shift – do you feel your life shifting? Or perhaps you want it to shift? A new year is a great time to shift your attitude, thinking, and life and remember to go with the flow when shifting.
  10. Vibrant – do you feel in a rut and want the new year to feel more exciting and vibrant? Choose to be a vibrant person each day and life becomes brighter!
  11. Grounded – a great word for those who feel anxious. Do the things that bring you grounded feelings. Yoga and meditation are top picks to feeling rooted and grounded and calm.
  12. Forgive – if you are holding onto grudges, forgiving is the way to move forward. As part of your theme year, choose forgive as a way to let go of the past so you can move forward.
  13. Adventure – maybe this year you want to get out and do new things, have new adventures, and travel more. This is a great theme to get your life full of new discoveries!
  14. Glow – I love this word because it represents a little something different to each of us. What is it you need to do to glow? Do you picture high energy and a radiant smile? or something else? Make it your year to glow!
  15. Declutter – this represents way more than just your house. Declutter your life over the year to bring a new calmness and sense of freedom. Start by getting rid of anything in your home that you don’t use, love or find to be beautiful. Then declutter your work space. Declutter your mind of old thoughts and belief. This is a long process for many people and a great focus for the year. Think minimalism!

Whatever your word, theme, or resolutions for the new year, write them and strive to live them. Have the best year ever!

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