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What to Do with Plastic Easter Eggs after Easter

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March 26, 2020

Are you wondering what you can do with your plastic Easter eggs after Easter is over? Or, maybe your kids have decided they’re too old for plastic Easter eggs. And, you have a huge bag of eggs you’ve been collecting over the years. Either way, here are a few ideas that you can use if you no longer need them.

If you’re crafty, you’ve probably already thought of a dozen different ways that you can use leftover plastic Easter eggs. But, if you haven’t, why not consider making a spring wreath and using hot glue to attach the plastic Easter eggs to the front with a few spring tulips. Or, you can run white Christmas lights through them and create a fun decoration for an outside bush or hedge.

Keep in mind that plastic Easter eggs are really small oval containers that snap shut. Why not use them to store pairs of earrings or to keep your favorite necklaces from tangling together. This works wonderfully if you are traveling and need some way to keep your jewelry safe.

Or, why not create an Easter tree from your Christmas tree. You can decorate the tree with these plastic Easter eggs. And, you can add in a few stuffed orange carrots or little miniature bunny rabbits and baby chicks. Incorporate a few small baskets to complete the theme.

Another crafty idea for those leftover plastic eggs is to create a room divider for your child’s room or your playroom. Simply separate each half of the plastic eggs as the first step. Then, string twine through the halves and alternate with other large beads or small toys. Keep these separated by tying knots between each one. Then, hang 10 or 12 from the top of each door frame.

If you no longer have any need, consider donating them to a local daycare, elementary school, or church. Many organizations host Easter egg hunts for young children each year. They will appreciate not having to go out and buy brand new Easter eggs. Just make sure they are clean and still snap together. And, donate a bag or two of them before Easter arrives.

If you’re a gardener, you can use the halves of the plastic Easter eggs to provide irrigation to your potted plants instead of using small rocks. Simply place the halves in the bottom of a large pot, add gardening soil, and then add your plants.

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