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We’re Melting: The Melted Snowman Cookie Recipe

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December 17, 2012

Christmas and cookies really do go hand in hand. If you aren’t a master cookie maker, Christmas is the perfect time of year to give cookie decorating a shot. Cookies are easy to decorate with a few simple tools and can add a little holiday spirit to the days leading up to Christmas. There are so many fun holiday cookie recipes out there that you could make a different holiday themed cookie everyday of December and still have plenty to spare. However, I do have a favorite holiday design, the melted snowman.

This cookie is perfect for anytime during the holiday, or for the perfect Santa snack. The melted snowman cookie is viral on Pinterest and can be found in numerous family and food magazines. I saw this baked goodie and knew I had to give it a shot. However, when I was researching all the different melted cookie varieties I came across a post from the inventor of the melted snowman cookie from The Decorated Cookie website. As a writer myself I always hate it when someone else takes credit for someone’s creation. Apparently this cookie was created back in 2008 by The Decorated Cookie and went viral. Her fun creation made it across the entire web, sadly her name and credit did not carry along with it. So show her some love and check out her post on how to make the original melted snowman cookie.

There are actually a number of different ways to get the melted snowman look. Here is the easiest way I have found to create this fun cookie.

Melted Snowman Cookie

What you need:

  • Your favorite sugar cookie recipe (or cheat and buy pre-made dough)
  • White Royal frosting (homemade or premade)
  • Black Icing
  • Variety of colored icings


To make the snowman you will want to split your cookie dough into three equal parts. Separate one-third of the dough and set it aside. Take the remaining dough and roll it out into a standard round (or blob-shaped) cookie. If this dough makes 8 cookies, you will then want to take the third of the dough you had set aside and roll it into 8 equally sized round balls. These will be your snowman heads.

Cook the cookies and cookie balls on separate baking sheets per your recipe’s instructions. Remove from the oven and let cool. Once the cookies have cooled off place one round sugar cookie ball on top of each cookie, securing it with royal frosting. Place the round portion near one of the edges for a more realistic look.

Once the heads are secure, cover the entire cookie surface with white royal frosting including the head. Let the frosting dry. Hint: place them in the refrigerator or cool area to dry faster. Once the frosting is dry, pipe the colored frosting onto the cookies in the design you prefer. Be sure to add eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Other fun additions include scarves, mittens, or buttons. And I’ve seen variations where people use a large marshmallow instead of a cookie ball for the head.

Kids love to help pipe frosting, so let your kids make a few special cookies. They will have lots of fun and it can be a new family tradition that is sure to last.

What is your favorite holiday cookie recipe?

Image Source: Yenna on Flickr

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