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Well, That’s Awkward: 4 Videos Show the Funnier Side of Thanksgiving

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November 24, 2015

This week, it would be hard to miss SNL’s Thanksgiving spoof that includes good ol’ Aunt Kathy who pulls out every politically incorrect or rude comment you could imagine from a relative. In case you haven’t seen it, the youngest family member makes convenient and increasingly hilarious use of Adele’s newest hit. Who knew one song could bring so many different people together?!

As a mom and the chef of the turkey dinner, my newest favorite Thanksgiving video is this awesome mash-up that includes “I’m gonna’ SIP my chardon-nae-nae, SIP SIP my chardon-nae-nae.” This family really gets the foibles of the dinner-based holiday. After the chardonnay, they lament our kids’ love of gross green Jello while again channeling (and rhyming with) Adele!

Jimmy Kimmel captures the talent of another singing talent with his new Thanksgiving songs album from Meghan Trainor. Enjoy insta-classics like “I’m Not Bringing Leftovers on the Plane, Mom” and “Grandma’s a Racist (Pass the Yams).” Hurray! Christmas is no longer the only season with its own carols.

I found a very unique video that had me cracking up. “A Hipster Thanksgiving” brings us hysterical moments with grungy 20 somethings holding ideals like not using a plate because they “don’t need some inanimate disc telling me the alpha and omega of my earth bounty,” sniffing coffee with a “chalky undertone with a mustache-y cover over the top,” and spouting beat poetry.

Whatever detours and speed bumps your holiday brings you, I wish you a day of joy, love, and family!

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