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5 Simple Ways to Cut Back on Coffee Without Losing It

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May 8, 2017

I’m sharing these simple ways to cut back on coffee because it’s something I’ve struggled with. When I first started drinking coffee, I had two cups a day. That’s it. I never felt the urge to have more than that, and some days I only had one. But slowly, over time, I got to the point where I was drinking, on average, six cups a day! Nobody needs that much caffeine and here’s what I did to change it:

Keep track of your intake

For one week, I kept track of how many ounces of coffee I consumed each day. I tracked ounces rather than cups because an eight ounce cup of coffee is a lot different a large iced coffees from your favorite coffee shop. I then totaled the number of ounces per day so I had a baseline.

Reduce gradually—don’t go cold turkey

There was no way I would have been successful if I tried going from six cups to one cup overnight. Not only would I have been a very cranky person, but my body would have rebelled and I might not have had the self-control to follow through. Instead, I cut back gradually, from seven to five cups a day the first week. Then from five to three to one the next. If it takes a little bit longer for you, that’s okay. Just work toward your goal gradually.

Find other beverage options

If you’re used to having a steaming mug of coffee on your desk all day, you’ll probably feel lost without it. Try having a hot cup of herbal tea, decaf coffee, or broth instead. Treat yourself to a couple of new brands of herbal tea, and make a pitcher of ice tea if you prefer it cold. You’ll have that comforting cup to reach for without all the extra caffeine.

Drink more water

It will take a while for your body to detox from all of the caffeine.  Drinking extra water will help your body flush out the toxins. If you’re like most of us, you don’t get enough water anyway, and cutting back on caffeiene is a great opportunity to step up your H2O consumption.  Get a giant reusable water bottle and set it next to you. Bring it with you in the car, and anywhere else you’re used to grabbing an extra cup of coffee.

Get up and move

Coffee is a stimulant and so is exercise. If you’re feeling sluggish without your usual caffeine dose, get outside and move! Go for a run or a jog or a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Lots of exercise and fresh air will help you fight the caffeine withdrawal slump.

Cutting back on coffee isn’t easy, but if you do you’ll feel better during the day and sleep better at night.

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