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#TruGreen Lawn Care Tips and Curb Appeal For Your Home and a Chance to Win a Healthy Lawn Plan Valued at $400!

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May 21, 2012

Looking to enhance the look of your home, or hoping to get top dollar if you’re selling your house this spring? According to the National Association of Realtors, “Curb appeal sells 49 percent of all homes.” But how do you do that?  It’s easy! TruGreen, the nation’s largest professional lawn care service provider, now offers tips for enhancing your home via their new webisode series, “Grow Curb Appeal.”

In this first episode, you’ll find three tips for updating your home’s first impression: how to water your lawn properly, how to incorporate natural pops of color with plant combinations, and how to win the turf war on weeds.

Some of our SocialMoms have been talking about TruGreen and how they create curb appeal and maintain a healthy lawn.

The Rebel Chick shares some of her tips on how to make your lawn and garden beautiful, just in time for all of your summer festivities!
Mow Your Lawn Regularly – I find that regardless of the state your home is in, your lawn speaks volumes as far as first impressions go! Due to a lot of travel and heavy rains last month, we went four weeks without mowing our lawn – and it looked atrocious! A well manicured lawn looks tidy and neat, and will make up for a lack of extras, like flowers, bushes, etc.

Water and Fertilize Your Lawn – This is a lesson that we have learned the hard way…each rainy season (which is right now), we spread grass seed through our lawn to fill in the spots where there used to be weeds. During the winter, we water the lawn on occasion, but due to a few years of drought in South Florida, we have very restricted times when we are able to do so. A green, lush lawn looks so pretty!

Simply Being Mommy recommends you install outdoor lighting. Low-voltage or solar landscape lighting can make a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal while also providing safety and security. They can be used to add accent lighting to trees, a flag, the house or simply illuminate a walking path.

Guessing All the Way suggests maintaining well-manicured edging around your yard. To make sure the yard looks clean and well groomed, use an edger around the outside of the yard and near flowerbeds.

Not Quite Susie Homemaker reminds us that to have a truly great lawn, you’ve got to keep the weeds at bay. There are several items you can pick up at a gardening store, but if your problem is as severe as ours, you can also consult a professional.

Go to for more healthy lawn and landscape tips to boost your home’s curb appeal, and make sure to visit them on Facebook.

Leave a comment below about your tips to increase curb appeal or your biggest lawn and landscape challenge or question for a chance to win one of two TruGreen Healthy Lawn Plans, valued at approximately $400 each! The TruGreen Healthy Lawn Plan is a customized, year-round lawn care plan designed specifically to meet your lawn’s needs throughout the year based on climate, grass type, soil condition and lawn usage. TruGreen backs it up with the Healthy Lawn Guarantee. The TruGreen Healthy Lawn Plan also includes protection against lawn-feeding pests, the use of a time-release formula to gradually feed important nutrients to the lawn, and ongoing customized lawn care. Good Luck. (See official rules)

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