November 21, 2018

Whether it’s for your best friend who earned her ultra diamond platinum business travel status, or your sister who jets off to yet another tropical destination whenever the temperature dips below 50°F, we’ve come up with the perfect gift for the traveler in your life.

These seven picks, all under $40, aren’t just another pretty gift: they’re also practical and promise to make travel just a tiny bit easier and more pleasurable.

NodPodStruggling to get a little shuteye on that international flight? Or having a difficult time settling into sleep in your own bed at home? Nodpod™ has the solution for you! Nodpod delivers the power of Weighted Sleep Therapy in a uniquely shaped, microbead-filled eye pillow, allowing you to sleep comfortably in any position! Weighted Sleep Therapy is the way your body responds to gentle, constant pressure, naturally reducing stress and anxiety while promoting deep, restful sleep.

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Here’s the perfect gift for both the adventure traveler in your life as well as the everyday traveler that appreciates clean duds. Laundreez is a self-contained laundry system—no washer or dryer necessary! Just throw your clothes into the convenient bag, add a few drops of detergent, let it sit, shake and drain. You rinse in the same bag, drain, squeeze and hang to dry, making for a one-stop laundry job.

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For everyone who falls fast asleep … on an airplane … in bed at home … cuddled with a device, iLounge is here to make the experience even cozier. Tuck your tablet into the anti-slip fabric corners and enjoy multiple viewing angles. The anti-slip fabric base ensures your device isn’t going to fall on the ground once you fall fast asleep.

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Bag Branch

Tired of digging through your bag for your passport, phone, keys, cards, pens, (sun)glasses, etc? Bag Branch organizes and consolidates the daily essentials hiding in your bag, making it easier to reach necessities more quickly, minus the digging. New York-based handbag designer Delia Kosowicz got the idea on a weekend getaway from the city. Swaying in a hammock, she looked up at the trees and admired the grace with which the branches carried their leaves so simply and effortlessly when inspiration struck. Check out this 30-second video which demonstrates exactly how it works.

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Travel-Friendly Cork Speaker from The Dreaming Tree

For your traveling friend who loves a good glass of wine and music wafting in the air, this first gift set of its kind. The Dreaming Tree Wines Cork Speaker, is a limited-edition wine cork that also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. It’s small but powerful when popped into a wine bottle to amplify sound and brings your favorite music to life while simultaneously keeping your favorite wine flavorful. Perhaps best of all, it’s sold alongside a bottle of fan-favorite, award-winning Dreaming Tree Crush Red Blend for an affordable $35.00. A portion of proceeds donated to Living Lands and Waters and The Wilderness Society, which protect, preserve and restore our nation’s major rivers, watersheds, and forestry areas. See how it works here.

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NanoDry Towel

For the adventurer on a backpacking trip, beach day, or even yoga after work, this ultralight, incredibly compact towel is made of nanofiber, which absorbs 2.3 times its weight in moisture without the bulky, nappy surface of other towel textiles. An anti-microbial coating thwarts bacteria and lasts through repeated washings. The vented silicone carry case has a carabiner clip for attaching easily to a travel bag, or to the towel itself for near-instant hang drying.

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Convertible Travel Pillow / Infinity Scarf 

Soft, warm, and stylish, this cozy infinity scarf hides an inflatable pillow to make travel 10x more comfortable. Don’t let the stylish exterior fool you: it conceals a U-shaped, zippered pocket around the neck that holds an inflatable travel pillow in place. Lightweight and compact, the interior pillow isn’t noticeable until you use it: simply unzip the pillow and blow a few puffs of air to inflate it. The soft, warm scarf will protect you from the chilly in-flight air, and the pillow will help you slip into sleepytime so you can arrive at your destination refreshed and well-rested.

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