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You Can Transform Your Body in Six Weeks!

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August 23, 2011

You know you’ve seen this title before. Transform Your Body in Six Weeks. It graces the covers of women’s magazines in every grocery store across America. Just follow X, Y, and Z steps. But, how many of you have ever gone to the gym with an article ripped out and performed all the exercises as prescribed – even one time?  Most of us read the articles, think about them, and then file the article away, never to be seen again.

And in my opinion, that’s okay.  I don’t think these articles work.  The weights they demonstrate are entirely too light to see any changes, the rep schemes and the volume is too high and the models always look thin to me anyway.

So what CAN you do to transform your body in six weeks?

Work on Your Diet

You can work hard on your diet.  That means cooking your breakfast and eating foods such as spinach and scrambled eggs, or bacon and eggs, and skipping highly processed white flour foods.  You can exchange your rice, bread or pasta at dinner for mixed vegetables.  You can pack slices of deli meat,  tomatoes and an avocados for lunch without too much effort.  You can have hard boiled eggs stashed in your fridge for quick snacks.

You Can Lift Heavy

If I could list just five exercises you could do at your local gym that you would offer immediate results, it would be the Shoulder Press, Handstand Push-ups (or inverted push-ups), Tricep Dips, Heavy Kettlebell swings, and the Strict Push-up.

Always have a goal when going to the gym. Think in terms of 3-5 or 10 repetitions and doing the circuit three times.   So, for example, if you can lift the 20 pound dumbbells for 5 sets of 3, then, I’d go up in weight the next time.  It doesn’t take a lot of volume to see results, it takes weight.  If you’re familiar with a push-up, then, make them all count by making sure that your Sternum touches the ground for every push-up.  The two-handed kettlebell swing is one of the most effective weight training tools I’ve found that can work both your heart rate and your strength.  If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can always use a dumbbell with two hands.  Start with a 20 pound kettlebell and do sets of 10-15 and then work your way up.  The heaviest kettlebell for women is 53 pounds and it can always offer challenges within a working set.

The bottom line is that you can transform your body and your shape in a short amount of time.  With diligent work, you could drop 1-2 dress sizes but the changes you make should be in long term changes not short term quick fixes.  If you change your thinking so that you are making lifestyle changes that will forever improve your outlook on life, then, it’s a change in the right direction.

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