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Top Halloween Prank Videos: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

October 20, 2014

Halloween, the season of fright, is the perfect time for a well-timed prank. Creative people manage to pull off hysterical tricks involving their friends or unfortunate bystanders. Lucky for our funny bones, the reactions are sometime caught on tape!

Here a compilation of fun pranks off the web.

This guy got very involved with his prank in the park.

Sometimes the professionals get in on the fun, like Ellen does the whole week of Halloween with her guests and viewers!

Her staff tried to get her back.

Some of the all-time favorite Halloween prank videos are the Jimmy Kimmel compilations of parents telling their kids they ate all the Halloween candy. Each kid’s personality shows. Some kids even tell their parents it’s okay!

Of course, you have to be careful. Sometimes things can go terribly, or hysterically, wrong!

The funniest part of this one is the reaction of the man’s coconspirator.

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