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January 20, 2015

We all have different hair and different lifestyles.  While I need to wash my fine, thin, color-treated hair almost daily, it can handle a good spritz of dry shampoo better than my undyed hair compatriots.  Meanwhile, my eldest daughter has thick, curly hair that can go for days without looking like a greasy mop.  She co-washes versus using shampooing.  What’s your best hair washing routine?  Can you add a little more love and save your strands?  Find out!

The Three D’s

Dry, damaged and dehydrated. Does that sound like your hair?  When you hair is unwashed it starts to retain more oil, which keeps it moisturized.  Stop washing it so much and let your scalp have a break. Your scalp will create less oil and less washes leaves hair soft and supple.  The remedy for the three D’s is co-washing.

Co-Washing:  Simply put this is washing your hair with conditioner.  There are many conditioners taking up space on store shelves as “co-washing conditioners” but a regular one will work fine too. Whatever your choice, make sure it doesn’t contain hair-coating silicone which defeats the purpose of co-washing. Co-wash your dry, damaged hair a few times a week and supplement with a moisturizing shampoo. This method is great for curly, wiry or textured hair as well.

Those Aren’t Snow Flakes

If your scalp is feeling tight and dry this winter – it is dried out. Once that happens your hair can become greasy at the roots while still producing excess oil and flaking off the dry skin. The resulting dandruff is nobody’s friend. Fix it fast with scalp washing.

Scalp Washing: Using a soap and alkali-free scalp shampoo once or twice a week can eliminate the flakes and add some much-need moisture to your scalp. These scalp shampoos treat the dandruff while adding in scalp circulation and a pH-balance that keeps both hair and scalp clean and flake-free.

Au Natural

The desire to go green is a strong one. For any type of hair, including oily or fine hair the non-foaming or ‘No-Poo’ method can work well. Regular shampoo is loaded with chemicals that can wreak havoc on your hair and strip it. Healthy hair with a non-foaming shampoo may take some getting used to but it can really work and still offer luxuriant locks.

Non-Foaming Shampoo/ ‘No-Poo’: No sulfates, no parabens or harsh chemicals are used in a non-foaming shampoo. Just natural organic ingredients like baking soda and cider vinegar can work magic on your hair. It takes a week or two for hair to get used to this method but it will soon be shiny and new.

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