Top 4 Fitness Trends for 2015

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January 6, 2015

New year, new you, that’s the plan, right? I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but I do like to keep it steady at the gym and with my home workouts.  Every year the fitness community votes on the year’s next biggest fitness trends.  So which classes will fill up fast at your gym and which ones will be dropped from the schedule?  Let’s jump on it!

1. Body Weight Training.

The top spot this year goes to an old school favorite. Body Weight Training is an  age-old method that uses the weight of your own body to weight train. Think lunges, squats, push-ups and planks. The popularity of this workout stems from the fact that it’s effecting AND you can do it at any time or anywhere, no equipment needed. Structured videos are available online and classes are popping up at gyms nationwide. Classes like Animal Flow follow this method while tapping into your primal instinct to make your body move into a whole new way. Boot camps, also still popular are good for body weight training too.


HIIT workouts drop to the number two spot in 2015. While High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts thrive on short bursts of activity (30 minutes or less is the usual) with periods of rest – they also use body weight training in many routines. Classes are still populating the gym and Tabata workout sessions are thriving but don’t be surprised when you see this type of exercise claiming less studio time in the upcoming year.

3. Restorative

Restorative Methods are on the rise. It is no wonder with the immense and intense love for all things Cross-Fit and HIIT more injuries occur. The need for a few days at a slower pace offers balance and solace to all gym goers. Classes based on using foam rollers and balls that focus on core strengthening and stretching keep the body toned and recovered. Sign up for Restorative Yoga or look for another style of training that focuses on pairing dynamic stretching mixed with gymnastics.

4. Treadmill

Treadmill junkies unite! Forget slogging through miles and minutes on the treadmill alone. 2015 is all about joining forces with other treadmill lovers and creating a cardio class that works the whole body. Using varying inclines and speeds classes like the Mile High Run Club put less stress and strain on your joints, tendons and bones while still burning lots of calories. Beat boredom by doing interval training with a treadmill class. Gyms are busy signing up members for classes like Precision Running and Shred 415 to get that very necessary cardio slot filled each week.

What’s your favorite workout?

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