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The Top 5 Fall Fashion Must-Haves for Moms

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September 13, 2012

It seems like it was just a few short months ago I was writing about how to incorporate the 2011 fall trends into your wardrobe and here we are already talking about the 2012 fall trends. Last year it was all about polka dots, the color red and animal prints. Well those are all on the out, so what are some fall fashion must-haves for moms this year?

The fall fashion shows in New York have come and gone and I used to think the runway “trends” were useless for someone like me. Then I realized I could grab pieces of the runway looks, without having to go over the top.

Some of these fall fashion must haves-have been snatched directly from the runway, and some are predictions by me (who reads fashion magazines like they’re the next bestseller)!

Colored Denim

This is a huge trend for fall and one I can really embrace. I love to wear jeans and they are a staple in my wardrobe, but I definitely find myself getting bored with the same ‘ol blues. This year I’m excited to mix it up with colored denim in shades such as purple, green and burgundy.

The color burgundy is one shade that was seen all over the runway this year. I’m not a big fan of wearing burgundy from head to toe, but given the fact it’s being called the new black for this season, I can definitely see myself rocking a pair of burgundy jeans.

The Shrunken Blazer

What is a shrunken blazer you ask? It’s exactly what it sounds like. A blazer that’s a little more “shrunken” than you may be used to wearing. It’s more fitted and tailored and so much fun to wear.

There are many reasons this is a good addition to your wardrobe. It is extremely versatile and, depending on the style, you can wear it with jeans, dress pants or even a skirt. It’s perfect for layering when the fall weather seems to change so drastically. It also turns an ordinary t-shirt and jeans outfit into something that will turn heads.


No. It’s not time to break out those tight leather pants from the 80’s. (They’re still around, but the style has come a long way.) Instead I suggest you update your dress and skirt collection with a leather piece or two. I’m not exactly brave enough to wear a leather dress, but I can definitely do a leather skirt and so can you.

A leather pencil skirt, paired with a collared shirt and heels is a very streamlined look. There are also cute leather shirts I’ve seen out and about. And, as always, a leather jacket is a nice go-to piece for the fall and winter. I have a leather jacket given to me as a gift years ago and I break it out every chance I can.

Military Style

This is one fashion trend that seems to come and go. I have a few military inspired pieces in my wardrobe that I purchased in the fall of 2010. Military was a big trend then and it definitely looks like it’s coming back this season. That was apparent on the runway in both the Jason Wu and Tommy Hilfiger collections.

My favorite way to wear this trend is a military style shirt, skinny jeans and boots. It’s a fun look and extremely comfortable at the same time.

Vintage Jewelry

It’s time to raid your mom or grandmother’s jewelry stash. Vintage looking jewelry pieces are popping up in stores and in magazines everywhere.

The great thing about vintage pieces is you can go all out with a large piece and really make a statement, or you can tone it down a little with a smaller piece that adds a feminine touch.

What do you think about the fall 2012 fashion trends for moms? Can you see yourself adding any of these trends to your wardrobe? Have fun and always remember to wear what you feel comfortable in, no matter what the “trends” say. But on another note, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone just a bit. You just might surprise yourself.

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