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The Pony, The Bun & Au Naturel: Winter Hair that Works

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December 20, 2012

When you think of winter you don’t normally associate it with glamorous hair or gorgeous color.  Depending on your location winter hair can be a mess of static, dry or frizzy that also competes with the always trending in winter ‘hat head’.  Fear not, winter 2012 is all about easy styles and beautiful color.

Natural Color

Unlike summer when colored tips and colored bits of extensions reigned supreme the holidays a time to let your natural color shine through.  Celebrity stylist, Rita Hazan declared that this season it is all about taking your natural color and warming it up with hints of red or gold.  Play up the subtle highlights in a glowing way that bring out your own natural coloring.  The winter months are a good time to test out darker hues, add some lowlights or give that ombre look that is still raging a try.  Going from brunette to a faded black at the ends was a look recently seen at Prada’s runway show and kicks the ombre trend up a notch.

Trending Styles

Designers from Dries Van Noten to Lanvin displayed an array of dramatic side-parts that work with any hair length.  Using a rat-tail comb you can create this look fast. Make the ends messy or keep them straight and severe.  It doesn’t matter what you do with this look as long as the side part is there.  It works well with another hot hair style this winter season, the ponytail.

The ponytail is not just for scraped back gym time.  It has come back big this fall and winter after designers like Jil Sander paired the pony with a strong side part that was very high fashion.  Keeping it low to the hair-line makes it look effortless too.  Take the pony up high for high drama and straighten the hair for a super sleek finish. This is such a versatile style that you can make it low with a trendy center part for a softer, laid back look – or add a jeweled pony tail holder for a more polished style.  Wear it low and on the side with a few subtle waves in it and you have a glamorous look for New Year’s Eve.

Buns were also seen on the runways in street style over the last few months.  No parts just pull hair straight back and put it in a bun.  Stella McCartney’s models rocked this look for fall/winter 2012.  It is a great weather-proof style that can be worn rain, sleet, snow or shine. Just pull back, twist and secure.

This winter hair is all about showing that less really can be more.

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