The Health and Beauty Benefits of Grapefruit   

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December 29, 2016

January is all about renewal. Did you know the grapefruit is as well?  Not only that, grapefruit is in season during the cold winter months, allowing you to enjoy a little bit of sunshine every day. As you head into the new year thinking about ways to improve your life, this simple yellow or ruby red fruit could be the first step to a healthier you.

To Your Health

The health benefits of eating grapefruit on a regular basis are many. Grapefruits are packed with vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and other healthy ingredients. Here are a few ways to eat more grapefruit.

  1. A half grapefruit is a great way to start the day. The fruit releases an essential oil that wakes you up and fills you with goodness. It also helps detoxify your body and assists with weight loss and speeds up your metabolism.  Maybe the doctor should consider prescribing a grapefruit a day instead of that old apple!
  2. Broil half a grapefruit for a sweet but healthy dessert. Toss a half of a spoonful of brown sugar on top before broiling and then spoon up the goodness. Grapefruit will also help cleanse your liver of toxins.
  3. Add slices of this delicious fruit to decorate and invigorate your salads. It will also help fight gum disease, or reverse its effects.
  4. Drinking a glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice each day can help break up calcium deposits that can create painful kidney stones.

Skin Deep

Along with its many other health benefits, grapefruit can also improve your skin. If you add it to your beauty routine with  these DIY recipes, you’ll save money, too.

  1. Take the juice from half a grapefruit and mix it with ½ cup of organic plain yogurt. This face mask will brighten your skin by removing dead skin cells and fighting fine lines. Leave on for ten minutes, then rinse with water.
  2. Fight acne and oily skin with another half a grapefruit. Mix the juice, ½ cup of cornmeal, and a tablespoon of honey to create a face mask that fights oil and reduces acne. Let it sit on your skin for ten minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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