The Case for Summer Shorts

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August 4, 2015

Who wears short shorts? Not many of after the age of 30 and that is perfectly acceptable.  By this age we know what works, what doesn’t and how to work it.  Unless you have mile-long gams and are super fit, short shorts no longer make the “to keep” list when cleaning out our closet.  So what’s a woman to do when the summer sun shines?  Break out the shorts, of course.  We’ve got the lowdown on the best shorts for you that don’t even hint at the term “mom shorts”. Yup, that’s a total thing.

Do Denim

Trust me, I know how hard it is to find a pair of likable denim shorts and ones without the frayed edges too. It’s not the Holy Grail but a decent pair of denim shorts, worn rolled up at the bottom is pretty classic and great for vacation days, running errands, heading to the pool and even date night. Oh, indeed!  When rolling the denim shorts go for a thinner line rather than the wide roll at the bottom that we saw in past years. It adds more length to the shorts as well and that can be a real good thing. Great finds include: AEO (American Eagle Outfitters) Midi Rolled Boy and Skinny Denim Bermuda Short.

Pick Prints

Forget the rule of horizontal stripes making you look wide. When it comes to a sweet pair of shorts with a stripe like ones that Factory J.Crew is pumping out this summer, all bets are off.  Pick up a pair in white with a navy stripe for a traditional look that always rules. Find colorful mixes of stripes, patterns and all with a cute and roomy pleat to them that creates a dressier look.

Elastic & Elated

We all have those days when we are feeling less than fabulous. A pair of elastic-waisted shorts can be your BFF and not be frumpy. Styles range in length and fabric choices but a good rule of thumb is to find a non-cotton or denim option. Think viscose when shorts shopping and you have a friend for life.

Rules to Remember

When finding the right pair of shorts after a certain age there are some key rules to remember.

  1. Bermuda style or a longer-length short makes legs look leaner and longer. That works in anyone’s favor.
  2. A pair of on-trend high-waist shorts can define your waist and hold you in, if needed. It adds definition and is currently very in style. Just don’t pick them up in denim or risk too many ‘mom jean’ jokes. A set in linen or crepe works wonders.
  3. A low-heeled sandal or wedge style shoe in a neutral tone lengthens your leg and adds style to your shorts ensemble.
  4. Pair a more conservative top with your shorts to keep it classy.

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