The 5 Best Foods to Fill You Up

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April 8, 2014

The snow is almost melted outside my window today and that means warmer weather is really on its way. While I still wear a sweater when I go outside, I know that soon I’ll be putting it back in the closet.  The shorts and t-shirts will be coming out again as the weather really warms up.

I haven’t tried my shorts on in a year. I am a bit worried that they will be tighter than they were last year. I may have indulged a few too many times in the Christmas sweets or had a few too many lunches out with friends. It isn’t that I don’t eat healthy.  For the most part, I make very good choices in what I eat. Sometimes, though, I’m tempted more by what I see than what I need to eat. One of the ways to control that is by learning the best foods to eat to fill you up. I don’t think of eating as often when I’m full.

The 5 Best Foods to Eat to Fill You Up

These foods will help you feel full longer so that urge to snack is easier to manage.

  1. Baked Potato – A baked potato itself has only about 150 calories which makes them a great choice.  They are high in fiber which means they help you feel full longer. Just be aware of what toppings you add to your potato. That’s where the calories come in.
  2. Beans – Beans are very high in fiber whether you choose lentils, kidney beans or black eyed peas.  Enjoy them in a cup of soup in a cool day or in a cold salad on a warmer day. Just be certain to choose a broth based soup to watch those calories.
  3. Apples – Apples contain pectin which helps to slow your digestion and will make you feel full longer.  The sweetness of an apple always helps to satisfy my sweet tooth!
  4. Popcorn – A big bowl of popcorn actually has surprisingly few calories. It is light and airy and takes up more room in your stomach. Just don’t cover your popcorn with butter and you’ll be fine.
  5. Greek yogurt – Greek yogurt is higher in protein than traditional yogurt which will help you feel full faster.  Top the yogurt with chunks of apple for even more of a filling treat!

The next time you’re feeling hunger pains and trying to stick to your healthy eating plan, reach for one of these five foods instead of another snack.  Do you have a filling, healthy food I have forgotten?

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