Superfoods for Every Age

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October 11, 2016

Many of your favorite bites include superfoods—from your smoothie to your salad. We feel more virtuous eating superfoods, and anyone who consumes them on a regular basis will tout their healing powers. That’s because they work. Superfoods are not just items found in health food stores; they are every-day foods that we need during every stage of life. But the amount of superfoods you need varies, depending on your your age. Here are some examples:

The Twenties 

You are on your own at last!  Life is full of new experiences, adventures, and responsibilities. The first thing to fall by the wayside is your diet. Don’t fret, you can stay on track by incorporating the following foods into your meals and snacks.

  • Skip all the diet and low-fat foods and eat whole foods instead. Think brown rice, shrimp, greens, and berries.
  • Pack on the protein with lean poultry and steak.  Go for the fast food salads and yogurt instead of fried goods.
  • Eggs, beans, and low-fat dairy will help keep your body strong to get you through your busy days. Think string cheese, dried apricots, real granola that is low in sugar, and hummus to dip your two cups a day of veggies in.

The Thirties 

The thirties are all about change. We have made some mistakes, our priorities have changed some and we are ready to get down to business. Many of us focus on going full throttle in our careers, and the foods we eat need to power us through long days and keep our immune systems at peak performance— especially if children are added to the mix

  • Enjoy foods like whole grains, and foods containing folate. Your body is busy and if you are pregnant, have had kids, or want more, you need to eat foods like spinach, asparagus, chickpeas, orange juice, and broccoli.
  • Add in a healthy dose of iron that isn’t in pill form, too. That means lean meats, clams, a variety of seeds, dark leafy greens, and fortified breakfast cereals.

During our thirties, we often eat in a rush. Five minute meals are essential, at least some of the time—just make sure they’re healthy!

The Forties—and Beyond!

The forties are all about taking care of our bodies in a new way. We need to head back to the dairy aisle to keep our bones strong, and make sure that our diet includes lots of Vitamin D. Our metabolisms are slowing, too, so we need fiber to reduce bloat and help us feel fuller longer.

  • Layer on the lettuce and spinach, play up the apples and berries, and make sure you are getting high fiber cereals in your diet—with a side of more berries.
  • Salads topped with lean meat like grilled chicken or salmon will help stabilize your weight and provide a protein boost post-workout.
  • Almonds, flaxseed, tomatoes, and black beans are all great on your plate.

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