Summer Salads Get a Burst of Flavor #LikeTajinFlavor

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June 23, 2014

During the summer I find myself craving salads. They’re cool and refreshing, great for the waistline, and allow me to incorporate all my favorite in-season produce. I find myself mixing in fruit for sweetness, adding pasta for a more filling meal, and now I have a new way to jazz up my salads. A bottle of Tajín seasoning. It’s an amazing way to give a little extra kick to your summer salads. Tajín blends three natural seasoning ingredients – chili peppers, sea salt and lime – to improve the taste of all your fresh produce.

Ready to whip up a summer salad? We’ve got you covered with these three recipes, perfect for lunch or dinner.

Zesty Summer Salad
It’s great for my kids, my waistline and my overall level of happiness to prepare a fresh, cool summer salad. So that’s exactly what I do instead. No oven or stove required. One of my favorites that’s always a hit with my son who loves to help me stir is this Zesty Summer Salad with homemade 1000 Island Dressing. I know you’re thinking that a salad is a salad. But when coupled with the right seasoning, it becomes so much more. Here is where TAJÍN becomes the magic ingredient that springs this dish to life. Enjoy a break from the heat and the demands of lengthy food prep with this fun, easy, healthy and delicious summer salad.
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Apple Sandwich
Pasta Salad with Fresh Tomatoes & Zucchini:
My favorite dish to bring to our little family get-togethers is this Pasta Salad with Fresh Tomatoes and Zucchini. Unlike most, this pasta salad tastes super fresh and light. There’s no heavy creamy dressing weighing it down or masking its natural flavors so the fresh vegetables really shine. The added flavor of Tajín really builds upon the pasta’s essence, without overpowering it. I usually make a large batch of this pasta salad at the beginning of the week and then use it as a side dish for our picnic and as a light lunch for the kids later in the week. If I want to use it as a main dish, I simply add a little protein with some canned fish or chicken or even some basic beans. This salad is so crisp and fresh that both the husband and the kids just love it and I love it too because it’s easy and super healthy!
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Smart n’ Tasty Salad:
On the most hectic days, I really don’t have the time or energy to come up with a healthy three-course meal for my family. As much as I love to feed them well and enjoy an involved culinary experience, between the heat and the packed family itinerary, I just can’t! On those days and evenings, whether it be for lunch or for dinner, I rely on this Smart n’ Tasty Salad. Thanks to the tuna (though you could use any canned fish), this dish is packed with healthy fat and protein. That’s the ‘Smart’ part this recipe. The ‘Tasty’ part comes is delivered by the Tajín I mix in and sprinkle over the dish. What a shake of the senses such a small addition can make!
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Fish Tropical Salsa

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