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Add a Kick of Flavor to Your Summer Picnics #LikeTajinFlavor

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June 17, 2014

Looking for a new way to jazz up your fruits and veggies this summer? Pick up a bottle of Tajín seasoning. It’s an amazing way to give a little extra kick to your summer favorites. Tajín blends three natural seasoning ingredients – chili peppers, sea salt and lime – to improve the taste of all your fresh produce. Really? Yes, REALLY! Try adding it to avocados, mango, pineapple, corn, salads, baked potatoes and more.

Heading to a summer picnic this summer? We’ve got you covered with these three zesty recipes, perfect for any basket.

Apple Sandwich
Once school is out, we mothers don’t want to see another sandwich for at least a month, am I right? That said, the convenience of putting some yummies in between two pieces of bread cannot be argued. It’s easily portable, handheld, and can be altered to be a sweet or savory type of quick meal. Working with the awesome people at Tajín, we came up with a sandwich that’s totally unique, creative, fun to make and absolutely delicious. The Quick & Easy Apple Sandwich is both sweet and savory with a little kick from the seasoning.
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Apple Sandwich
Corn on the Cob Redefined:
Corn on the cob brings back childhood memories of barbecues and summer family gatherings. I prefer to grill our corn to keep it crisp and sweet, but I love this redefined version using TAJÍN to really kick the flavor up a notch. This simple addition packs a wallop and makes all the difference. The great news is that I usually have all the necessary ingredients on hand in the fridge or pantry so I don’t need to remember to buy anything special to make this. Corn is coming into season now as we enter the summer months and I’m loving reliving some of those amazing childhood moments with my own kids as we savor every awesome bite of this corn on the cob, redefined!
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Cucumber Splash Drink:
I’ve been known to add cucumbers to my water from time to time during the summer months. It’s so hot and dry and I get so dehydrated I have to drink a ton of water to keep up. But, why not add some zesty taste to plain water, just to make it more interesting? I try to keep a variety of fruits and veggies on hand to add to my water for a much better sipping experience. Cucumbers are a favorite because they’re not too sweet and not too overpowering. They’re light and fresh and super hydrating too so they’re ideal for this sweet cucumber water. But the kicker here is cucumber plus Tajín’s seasoning. Have you tried this stuff? It’s the not-so-secret ingredient that makes this cucumber water drink really pop.
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Fish Tropical Salsa

Click here for even more recipes from Mamiverse and Tajín – and make sure to follow Tajín on Facebook and Twitter. SocialMoms is also giving away a $100 gift card. Leave a comment below, telling us your favorite way to use Tajín, for a chance to win.

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