Summer Desserts With a Kick #LikeTajinFlavor

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July 14, 2014

Summer desserts are typically cool and sticky. Think dripping fruit sorbets and bright red popsicles. Why not try a refreshing dessert this summer, one with a bit of zest? Tajín seasoning is the perfect way to give a little extra kick to your summer favorites. Tajín blends three natural seasoning ingredients – chili peppers, sea salt and lime – and is a great addition to your fruit desserts. Really? Yes, REALLY! Try adding it to mango, pineapple, and even some drinks.

Ready to whip up a summer dessert? Let’s get started.

Princess Nectar
This blended beverage is deliciously sweet and healthy with fresh fruit and honey. The kids and adults will adore it and we think rimming the glasses with honey and Tajín adds a special touch that transforms a regular punch into an outright experience of the senses. It’s most delicious when made fresh, and looks stunning with tiny bits of fresh mint floating in it. Make a couple of pitchers in advance and haul them to the park for your own princess party (you know you want one!). Just give the pitcher a good shake before pouring into the glasses of your choice and you’re good to go.
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Apple Sandwich
Almond Honey Guilt-Free Dessert:
For generations past, fruit-as-dessert was turned up a notch with sugar and spice. We like the idea of adding both a sweet and spicy element to a standard fruity dessert to make it more interesting and delicious, which is where this Tajín recipe comes in. In just a few short steps Tajín takes this healthy dessert from zero to sixty on the taste scale. What we love about the Almond Honey Guilt-Free Dessert is that it adds a nutritious element as well with sliced almonds and honey instead of granulated sugar. This chilled melon dessert makes a great addition to a summer potluck or dinner party. It’s just the right amount of sweet and spice, and it’s definitely guilt-free!.
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Fish Tropical Salsa

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