April 21, 2017

Neutral tones often take a back seat because they are so basic. The staple neutrals—khaki, black, white, and navy—work with every color and can easily tone down a look while keeping things classy, fresh, and fashion-forward. Why not push the boundaries of your closet and make it work harder for you this season by including more shades in the neutral zone? The new neutrals are here and ready to work!

The What

The new neutrals include olive green, blush, metallics, and animal prints. Each is great on its own, and adds a dash of the unexpected when paired with other hues. They add versatility and style to your everyday look when you wear them together or use them to temper brighter shades. Don’t forget that you can mix and match a few neutrals to create a new look every day.

The How

Let’s take it color by color and find out how to make these new neutral shades shine.

  1. Olive Green: This is the neutral du jour. Flattering to all skin tones, it works well both day and night. While it is sometimes considered drab, like its neutral friend beige, olive looks extraordinary when combined with pops of bright pink, a bold yellow (a huge color trend this spring and summer), red hues, or coral. Consider an olive-green tunic with pink trousers or a pleated yellow skirt with an olive button down blouse.
  2. Blush: Another all-skin-tone-flattering color, blush is often used in place of nude or pale pink. Blush should be worn with a contrasting color like black or white. Give it some edge with an animal print (another new neutral) for added fun. A blush-colored top with white or black bottoms looks fantastic!
  3. Metallics: This season there are a lot of metallic options, but using them as a neutral is where we step into new fashion territory.  Wear metallic shoes—sandals, mules, flats, or brogues—with a classic black and white ensemble or monochromatic look. Find a pleated metallic gold or silver skirt and dress it up or down for a look that works both day and night.
  4. Animal Prints: Animal prints, like leopard, are made up of neutral colors, so it makes sense that the print works as a neutral. Pair a leopard print with a monochromatic outfit or use other neutrals to down play an all leopard dress. A pair of leopard print shoes or bag adds style to any outfit.