December 29, 2020

Nothing feels quite like a new ‘do.  A fresh haircut or coloring can make you feel brand new, especially when you can’t just head to get a blowout right now! Depending on where you live getting your hair cut, colored, and styled can be difficult.

Limited hours on your stylist schedule, extra precautions eliminating the most relaxing parts of the styling session can all change the way we do our hair today and moving forward. 2020 was full of DIY haircuts and dye jobs. What does 2021 have in store for our lovely locks? Let’s talk those 2021 hair trends!

What is on the horizon? Think vivid colors and even metallics and so much more. What are we doing away with and what are we embracing?  Read on for more.

One Word

2021 is all about one word. That word is texture. That means allowing your natural texture to come through. Embrace what your momma gave you and learn to work with it … not against it. Indulge in those waves, curls, or find ways to work your pin-straight hair into a style that makes you smile. Add texture to fine hair by adding layers. Start from the midpoint of your hair and add layers from there on down. For curls, check out a shag-style cut. It is a little retro, but it allows volume to be out in full force without looking too wild.

The Cut

Bobs and lobs are where it is at. Easy to maintain, this 2021 version has blunt ends to make a statement and create impact. These two styles grow out well, work on all ages and hair textures, and can have the addition of bangs or no bangs. It is really a great way to stay up to date with your hairstyle but not make big changes. If you can pull off a blunt collarbone haircut then you are golden. It is the most versatile length and style and allows you many options when it comes to styling your hair.

Curtain bangs will continue in 2021. It is a real merging of old and new trends that turns into a fresh look. This easy to maintain style will also mean less time with your stylist.

A high up-do is another must-do in the upcoming year. Take charge of your long lengths and put ‘em in a high ponytail. 2021 is about embracing who you are, making a statement, and trying new things. Do not forget the top knot! Put it up high and rock that next Zoom call.

We (Heart) Accessories

If 2020 had us trying to make do with what we had on hand, then 2021 wants us to embellish on that. Hair accessories like headbands, scrunchies, clips, and bows help hide the mistakes of that last DIY cut, our overgrown grays, and everything in between. 

Ditch that hair elastic and dig out a claw clip from the 90s to update your day to day hairstyle. Delicate beads, pearls, and ribbons on hairbands and in your mane are beautiful and punch things up. Add a scarf to that high pony in a beautiful color or bold pattern. Intertwine ribbon throughout your braids. Add a bun cuff to your top knot. 

What changes did you make to your hair this year? Did you grow it out, chop it all off, or dye it a wild color?