July 31, 2012

Dry shampoo has been around since the 1970’s but didn’t really gain much popularity with the beauty crowd until the last decade.  What was once left to on the bottom shelf of your drugstore, or only used when camping, is now in vogue.

Why should you try dry shampoo?  The reasons are as bountiful as your hair.

  • Dry shampoo is a great way to preserve the essential oils that your scalp produces. While they may create a slick mess at your roots, they keep your hair and your head healthy.  You can easily eliminate the oily residue and retain fresh hair when you apply a spray or sprinkle of dry shampoo.
  • You are also giving your hair a much needed break from washing and styling.  Adding a spritz or dash of the dry stuff can prolong a blow-out.  If you just spent a small fortune on your new ‘do and want to keep that smooth blown out look then apply some dry shampoo and it will keep for up to three days depending on your hair texture.
  • Throwing a bottle of dry shampoo into your gym bag is another smart move especially if you work out mid-day or after work.  A dose will add volume and lift your hair to freshness after all that sweating.  Your body will look better and so will your hair.

Four Stand Out Dry Shampoos to Try

Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder ($35) – is one of the biggest crowd pleasers and more costly versions when it comes to dry shampoo.  It comes in blonde, brunette, white (for platinum and grey hair) as well as red.  This works well as dry shampoo doesn’t always comb out fully in darker or red hair.  The addition of color to these sprays eliminates this problem.

Frederic Fekkai au Natural Dry Shampoo($23) – is the luxurious option as it is a more expensive one too.  However, it is also the greener option as the ingredients are 95% natural.  Fekkai products are known to work and this one does the trick every time.

Pssst ($6) – If Fekkai is luxury then Pssst is the bargain brand.  It has also been around the longest and can be found in your local drugstore, online retailer and even grocery store.  Long used by little old ladies it works best on light hair and really holds its own.

Bastiste Original Dry Shampoo ($7.99)- Old school dry shampoo meets subtle lemony scent in this dry shampoo. Found at Ulta where it has an almost cult following from beauty mavens it comes in various scents like Blush, Brit and more.

When shopping for a dry shampoo consider your needs.  Do you just want something to use occasionally or is this going to become part of your beauty ritual?  Shop around, test out the brands and find what works best for your hair.  Your scalp and tresses will thank you.

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