April 30, 2018

Once a year many of us do our spring cleaning. This usually includes getting the yard ready for gardening, deep cleaning of our houses and garages, and even cleaning out our closets. Often we forget about smaller things, like our cosmetic bag and drawers. They can have products that are old, full of bacteria, or we may just not use them anymore. Here are seven ways to organize and spring clean your cosmetic drawer.

  1. First, lay out all your make up on a towel and examine everything. Throw out anything broken, dirty, or something you won’t use. Wipe down the drawer with a natural cleaner. If you’re cleaning out a makeup bag, do your best to wash it or just buy a new one each year. They don’t cost much and it’s better to have something clean!
  2. Consider your eye makeup. Did you know liquids like mascaras and eyeliners only have a shelf life of three to four months? How long has yours been open? Bacteria can thrive in the liquid and can cause an eye infection. My recommendation is to only have one eyeliner and one mascara at a time, this way you use it up in those four months and can buy a fresh new one. Cream eyeshadows last a little longer, about six months, while powder eyeshadows can be kept up to two years. Of course, toss them if you see visible mold, they smell, or they got water inside.
  3. Liquid foundations are best for about six months. Again, who wants to slather their face in bacteria, should the foundation grow too old. Powder foundations can last about two years. Same rules apply to powder and cream blushes and bronzers.
  4. Lip glosses generally last six to twelve months and lipsticks about a year. It’s best to not have too many on hand if you don’t wear them often. Did your mom have a drawer with dozens of lipsticks for years and years? Imagine the bacteria growth. Who wants that on your lips where we literally lick off half what we wear? Be safe and get a new color or two each year or each season!
  5. Brushes should be cleaned on a regular basis. Foundation brushes should be cleaned once every two weeks or so. Use makeup brush cleanser or a mild soap, wet the brush tips, clean in your palm, rinse well, and squeeze dry with a clean towel. Reshape the bristles and let air dry. If they start shedding or feel rough, replace with a new one. Eye make up applicators are very inexpensive to buy so just get a ten pack and replace them weekly.  Sponges should be washed every few days and replaced every month.
  6. Nail polish can sit for years and get dry and clumpy. Go through your polishes and toss any old dried up ones. Generally, they last one to two years.
  7. Last, read the labels. Some have dates on them. Others say how long they last once opened. You can use a fine sharpie and jot the date you opened it right on the label.

It’s always best to put fresh clean makeup on our skin to avoid bacteria and potential breakouts too!