November 14, 2013

Your hair is done, your make-up is set and you are ready for a night out. The pictures you take this holiday season are going to be legendary, you hope! You won’t be disappointed if you take these steps to ensure that how you look in the mirror right now is what you see in those gorgeous pictures later.

Baseline Basics

These three make-up application tips can make or break your look on camera.

  1. Apply your make-up in the most natural light possible. How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, “Job well done!” only to see a photo of yourself looking washed out or wearing an orange mask of foundation? Try to put on your make-up in the most natural light you can find that mimics the outdoors.
  2. Sunscreen is definitely important, but for that night time party you want to eliminate the “white mask” that can shine through even your foundation and cast a spectral glow. Stick with a light moisturizer with a touch of SPF instead of full on sunscreen to eliminate this faux pas.
  3. Use a make-up primer. HD-friendly primers like Makeup Forever’s version keep shine away and create a flawless finish that looks just gorgeous on film.

Always remember to blend your make-up from foundation to bronzer and blush before heading out the door.  Extend it to your neckline to avoid your neck looking lighter than your face.  Blending will also eliminate your shadow from looking too harsh or your under eye concealer showing up as an under the eye ring on camera.

True Colors

When it comes to color you want to make sure that no matter what color you use, you follow these rules.

  1. Red lips not only brighten a face they also make your teeth look whiter. A blue-based lipstick does this best – as opposed to an orange-based shade. A red gloss will add vitality if full red lips is too bold.
  2. Avoid shimmers and go matte. Matte colors hide shine. Iridescent eye shadows are great but they will give off an oily glow in your photos. The same goes for sparkly body powder and face powder. They all reflect light on your face and ensure an oil slick representation.
  3. The eyes are the window to the soul. You want them to look relaxed, bright and healthy. Using basic black eyeliner over the top eyelid with black mascara will bring them out and make them pop better than anything else. A dot of white matte shadow in the inner corner will illuminate the whites of your eyes. A nude liner on the inner under eyelid creates a healthy looking eye that never looks tired.

Following these simple steps will help you look your best whether in front of the camera or behind it.

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