September 28, 2020

It is no secret that the sweat suit is having a moment. When quarantine hit and everyone was stuck at home, we went with comfort over fashion and donned sweats on a more regular basis. What first felt like lazy days of lounging during lockdown gave way to Zoom meetings with a nice shirt on top and sweats on the bottom!

The rise in popularity of these comfy and cozy clothing items is not going away any time soon. As the cold months set in, so does the need to dress up our sweats because you and I both know we are not giving them up any time soon. 

Check Yourself

Before you put on another pair of gray baggy sweats that you have been rockin’ to extreme comfort … please read below. This will give you a head start in the ‘dress up your sweats’ department.

  1. A slim-fit pair of joggers is easier to dress up than a baggy pair of sweatpants. Fitted equals a polished look.
  2. Go beyond cotton fabric. Find a pair of joggers or sweatpants made from an alternative fabric like silk or velvet. Imagine how good those will feel too!
  3. Adding a long coat, leather, jacket, layer of scarves or jewelry always elevates the classic set of sets.

10 Ways to Wear It

Incorporating a few fall pieces with your joggers can add a new level of style to your ootd. Transform your joggers into something with a bit more style.

  1. Grab a blazer as a good go-to with your sweats. Add a shell or solid color t-shirt and necklace to play it up.
  2. Twinsets were all over the runways for the fall 2020 season. Think back to the 90s when knit camisoles with matching button down-cardigans were a thing. They are back and look cute with your sweats. 
  3. Style your hair and/or do your make-up. This pulls a look together no matter what you are wearing.
  4. Throw on some heels, especially with a slim-fit set of sweatpants. You will add height and an added step in your style. Ankle boots are a great choice too.
  5. Monochromatic is my favorite. Black joggers, black top, black clutch, and a set of black heels and you are good to go. Do your hair and make-up and you have a date night worthy look or for time with your girls.
  6. Not feeling the monochromatic look for today and want something sportier? Add a pop of color with a bright shirt and those dark-colored joggers.
  7. Dress in layers by adding an oxford style shirt with a knit cardigan. It creates a new level of style that is both comfortable, warm, and put together. 
  8. Speaking of warm … throw on a turtleneck with your slim-cut sweats and feel free to add a plaid button-down too.
  9. The timeless trench is the coat to toss of your sweats as you head out the door. Even with a set of sneakers you will still look pulled together.
  10. Faux fur is sticking around for another year. Add it to your joggers this fall when heading outdoors.

What will you be doing to dress up your joggers this year?