January 15, 2014

Valentine’s Day, the day makes many people cringe and grouse, “it’s just a Hallmark holiday.”  Perhaps, but it’s a great way to add life to your winter wardrobe too.  By working with the colors of the puffy red heart day, and playing with textures like lace and leather, you can work with what you already have in a whole new way.

I Heart You

Take a note from all the fun fashion blogs out there to get inspired.  Replace stripes and polka dots that run rampant each day with heart graphics.  Heart motif sweaters are available in loads of color, heart-shaped elbow patches and button-down shirts with tiny hearts to replace polka dots are all ways to work in the most traditional aspect of Valentine’s Day into your daily look.

Classic Heartbreaker

Pull out the faux leather leggings (see you really can wear them!) and give them another day out with a warm oversized red sweater or shirt. Then slip on a pair of leopard print heels, which is very va-va-voom, or flats to complete the outfit.  Simple accessories like black stud earrings and a black enamel bracelet or gold bangles round it all out.

Keep it Simple

Be simple and chic with a pair of red denim pants or super cute red ankle pants. Add a cream blouse, white button down or black polka-dot shirt to create an easy combination.  A set of basic black heels makes it classic and effortless.  Work in the same black accessories and a black purse (think Chanel’s little black bag for inspiration) to set it all off.  If the red pants draw too much attention then stick to black denim, dress pants or ankle pants, and add a red shoe instead of black.  The look remains intact and always in style.

Poppin’ Pink

Today is the day to break the rules and wear a pop of pink with that dashing shade of red.  Welcome an early spring by wearing pink pants with a red cardigan, V-neck or crewneck style sweater.  Let the pants be the only piece of pink and use white, cream or red to finish off the outfit.  Red or nude shoes with gold accessories seal the deal with a fashionable kiss of pure style.

Blue Jean Beauty Queen

Embrace your blue jeans and work them into your Valentine’s Day ensemble.  Distressed, pressed, tailored or skinny any style will do.  Just keep them as the back drop to your look.  Match the denim with a gray shirt and bag so that your accessories can really shine through.  A red belt, boyfriend cardigan or scarf will set them all off in a festively heartfelt way.  Relaxed converse-style sneakers or ballet flats are the finishing touch.