June 22, 2016

It may not be an actual superfood but there is no denying the power of the coconut these days. Whether you cook with coconut oil or milk or massage it into your hair and skin, the coconut is very versatile. It should definitely find a place on your bathroom and kitchen shelf. The hot days of summer absolutely beckon for coconut to be added to your must-have hair product list too.  Designed to help moisturize and protect hair from the sun, salt and heat; it is a great way to not only smell tropically fresh but keep your mane magnificent all summer long.

Do the DIY

One of the best ways to help your hair benefit from coconut is to use coconut oil. Remember a little goes a long way and any hair type will do.

  1. The Coconut Oil Deep Condition: If your coconut oil isn’t already melted (as it tends to do when sitting in your cabinet during the warm summer), take a small amount and melt it by letting a small bowl rest (do not submerge) inside a larger bowl filled with hot water. Think of it as a double-boiler technique. Once it is melted, apply the coconut oil to damp hair and comb it through. Wrap your hair in a towel and let it sit for approximately thirty minutes. Remove the towel and shampoo. You can apply a small amount of coconut oil to the tips of your hair as needed. This is a great treatment after a beach or pool day.
  2. DIY Detangler with Coconut Oil: Using the same melting technique as the deep conditioning process; melt the coconut oil. Take a small amount between your fingertips and apply it to the ends of your hair. Next, take a brush or comb and start combing out the ends of your hair while working up to the roots. This will evenly disperse the oil and keep hair shiny and moisturized all day long.

Best Products on the Market

Not so into the DIY-ness of it all? Here’s a list of some of the best and favorite coconut hair products today.

  1. DevaCurl Supercream Coconut Curl Styler: For curls with bounce and shine this one works its magic fast and lasts.
  2. Ouidad Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil: Say goodbye to build-up and dull hair with this water-activated, moisturizing cleanser for hair.
  3. Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil: When you need only the very best and basic this organic, fair-trade coconut oil is the gold standard.
  4. Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner: This dynamic duo is sulfate-free and locks in moisture while repairing split ends. The pina colada scent makes each day feel like a tropical getaway.