November 13, 2014

It’s the time of year when we place an extra special focus on what we wear and how we look. Our make-up, accessories and even our manicures are no exception. If making little snowmen or reindeer, snowflake designs or other holiday-centric designs are not the way you like to glam up your tips, then read on!  Use colors you already have and layer them for depth, new shades and a whole new manicure that will accentuate your nails this holiday season.

Lay It on Me

Mixing nail lacquers can be tricky business. You need just the right tools and the polish can dry in the mixing pot before you get a chance to apply the whole look to all ten digits. This time the nail trend is easier.  Using colors you probably already own, you can layer the lacquers on your nails for a whole new look. Each one is unique and beautiful too.

Metal Mix Up

The rose-gold shade you squealed over last spring and summer can be used again right now. Paint it on your nails as a base shade (one coat).  After it dries, paint a transparent version of silver or gold polish right over the top. It’s just like mixing metals in your accessories.  The effect is stunning and office-friendly.

Now is the time to put that random bottle of chunky glitter polish to good use. In gold or silver a layer just on the tip, at the half-moon of your nail or painted on one side looks luxe when added over a darker shade like black, navy or a purple hue.

Make the metallic matte in one easy step.  Paint all your nails one metallic finish, preferably a dark tone.  Switch out your glossy top coat for a matte one and paint it on all ten fingers or just four and leave one glossy. Add a high-shine top coat to the nail you did not paint matte.

If you are partial to the on-trend dark nails without the metallic finish you can create a more neutral manicure by using a dark brown as the base and a burgundy lacquer in a transparent finish. It works well with navy polish and a transparent purple too.

Neutral Territory

The grays, nudes and buff shades are always a safe bet. They work well for the office and the light shades show chips less than a darker color.

Play up the pale colors by layering them too. A gray shade painted on first looks brand new when you add a lilac or mauve in an equally transparent style over the top.  Nails are pretty, polished and ready to go!

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