May 7, 2015

My head is always in the fashion game. When I’m not working on my own weekly posts and link ups I’m looking to a handful of bloggers for inspiration, what to add to my closet or see my own items in a new way. They help me shop my own wardrobe, find new stores to browse, and stay classic with a bit of trendiness thrown in for good measure. Check out these fabulous fashion bloggers who are not just masters at style but busy moms too.

My Must-Have’s

In order for me to keep going back to their blogs they must have a few important elements:

  1. Keep it simple. Yes, I like all the gorgeous, unattainable looking photos they look straight from a magazine but I need a dose of reality. Heels are fine but can we do shoes that won’t break my budget and ankle? These moms know what works in my daily life because it has to work for them too.
  2. Stay balanced. When I say inspiration it is not just for my closet. It is their continuously upbeat but not fake attitude that makes me read them weekly.
  3. Affordability. We all like nice things but my wallet likes options and looks offered that are realistic.

The Lucky Seven

Because Shanna Said So is not only a bright spot in the fashion blogging world but also a dose of reality from this Texas mother of two. On-trend looks and accessories with attainable fashion that prompts you to elevate your own sense of style is what she is all about.

Allison from Two Thirty Five Designs isn’t just a DIY one-trick blogging pony.  She showcases casual with a twist.  Never boring, always fun and affordable come for Casual Friday and stay for Steal It Saturday.

Jo-Lynne Shane with a blog of the same name offers style tips women over 40 but actually spans decades. This mom of three has a simple style with a mix of beauty, fashion tips, recipes and more for daily reading pleasure.

Maria, a DC blogger and local to me always looks nothing short of chic and wearing a gorgeous red lip. She’s not shy about telling you she too spends days in pj’s but she is spot on with style tips that work on women of all ages and sizes making her blog, Very Busy Mama, a must-read every season.

Andrea of Momma in Flip Flops features laid back looks that never fail to make me rethink what I own or look at an item I would have never considered wearing prior to reading.  That’s what makes fashion fun, right?

BonBon Rose Girls is the dynamic duo of Kristin and Megan. Offering style advice, travel tips and simple chic fashion that work on any budget.  Live life to the fullest after perusing this site.

My Rose Colored Shades features Cynthia the recently nominated Redbook Real Women Style Awards blogger. This mom to three girls makes rompers believable, mixes high and low fashion and is all about finding the balance between the natural highs and lows that life throws our way.