Style Staples: Making Sure Your Closet is Full of Basics

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March 26, 2015

Spring is the perfect time to get reorganized in your yard and especially your closet. I’m talking to you with the shoes you haven’t worn in two years and never liked anyway.  And you with the stack of cardigans that are faded and stretched but you keep thinking will get one more wear. Oh wait. That’s me! Either way it is time to get into that closet to sort through your best basics so you can then add any  needed wardrobe staples. These style staples will simplify your morning routine and create a lifetime of style that looks innate.

Basic Building Blocks

The LBD, the white dress shirt and good pair of jeans are all staples that need to find a home in your wardrobe. Consider adding the following too.

  • Perfect white tee
  • Navy blue blazer
  • Black pencil skirt

These can be worn all year round and dressed up or down with accessories.  It’s up to you.

Signature Style

Whether it is a ring your best friend gave you, or a necklace you found at a flea market, a piece of jewelry that says you is your signature style. Own it.  Wear it often with love and pride.  Mix it in with formal wear or whatever you wear every day.  It is yours to style and wear with the pleasure its many memories provides.

On the Outs

When it comes to outerwear this time of year nothing is more in style than a trench coat. Wear it fully buttoned and tied, leave it open and loose it does not matter. The only thing that matters is that the trench finds its way into your closet. Basic beige has never looked so good or versatile. Pair it with work wear or toss it on over jeans and white canvas shoes.

Fast Feet

We all know that a pair of basic black pumps reigns supreme in must-have shoes.  It is the workhorse of shoes that can truly work in a variety of situations. But do you have these on hand for on-the-go style?  Adding one or two quality pair each year will create a space that is always ready for anything life throws at you in the fashion arena.

  1. Nude heels elongate your legs and work well all year long. At a cocktail party or upping the ante on your casual brunch wear the nude heel is your black pumps best friend.
  2. White canvas tennis shoes are perfect for spring and summer casual looks. Wear them with everything from shorts to jeans or a cute sundress.
  3. Flat brown sandals are another wear with anything style shoe. Buy a pair that costs more than ($50 and up) and you will have them for many summer seasons to come.

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