Style it Up the French Way

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July 10, 2014

Women all over the world covet the perfectly curated, yet effortless looking style of French women. They definitely possess that certain je ne sais quois. It isn’t just an amazing scarf tying trick or stiletto heels with jeans (although though those do count). It’s more their way of holding onto classics while adding a bit of personal style that makes them style standouts.  Want the basics like ballet flats and blazers? We bet you do! Let’s get started and have you looking like you belong on the banks of the Sienne in no time.

Closet Staples

Some items are universally associated with the French and work in a variety of style situations. Fill up your closet today with these staples:

  1. The Tweed Blazer – Coco Chanel nailed it with this jacket. Ever since it has been in style – no matter what else appears on the runway. Pick one up in your favorite color or a basic neutral shade to wear with jeans, a suit or however you want to style it. It works every time.
  2. The Menswear Shirt – Think collared button down shirt in white or with light blue stripes. Either way it can be worn all year long with almost anything else in your closet. Keep it neat, pile it with jewelry or wear it bare. It’s your choice and that’s oh so chic.
  3. The Striped Blouse – Yes, we all know the one. It’s white with navy stripes and goes by the name The Breton. Worn in the coastal communities in France it is now one of the most recognizable wardrobe pieces for the French. A good quality one will last a lifetime and never go out of style.

Necessary Accessory

We talked about the scarf but those are not everyone’s forte. The French woman loves a good cloche hat or layered strand of pearls. She also knows when to keep it simple.

  1. Dark Sunnie s- Black or brown tortoise sunglasses are always flattering and de rigueur for the French peepers. Keep a pair handy.
  2. Structured Bag – A small, structured bag can give you poise and style beyond your years. Invest in a good bag and you are halfway to Paris style. Again, a neutral shade or your favorite color will ensure that will use this bag for years to come.
  3. Red Lipstick – The color may rotate in subtle ways over the years but a red lip is always in fashion and the French never abandon it. It perks up your face when you are tired and can alter your mood with one soft swipe. Play it up as much as you want and notice how bright your smile becomes you.

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