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Stuck in a Wardrobe Rut?  Try These Five Ways to Spice up Your Style.

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November 27, 2012

Do you often find yourself standing in your closet, staring at your same boring, outdated wardrobe?  Are you in desperate need of some new style inspiration but don’t know where to start?  Would you like to update your look by trying a trend but aren’t sure how to make it work?

Try one (or all of) these five easy ways to spice up your style and bust out of that wardrobe rut.

Mix Prints

This trend is a really great way to instantly update your look using items you already have in your closet.  Try pairing a striped shirt with animal print flats, a polka dot dress with a floral scarf, or a plaid button-down with pin-striped pants.  Your closet is full of possibilities.  If this trend scares you, limit it to two prints at a time to avoid looking too busy – or pair prints that are further apart on your body (a hate and shoes, a shirt and shoes, etc).

Add a Pop of Color

Invite a bold bang of vibrant color to the party.  A lively yellow trench coat, bright red patent flats or a vivid orange chunky knit scarf all make a big style statement and keep you from wearing the same ole black and white over and over again.

Wear a Bold Accessory

An entire look can be built around one statement accessory.  Be daring with oversized earrings, an artistic necklace, a wrist full of bangles or a big, attention grabbing ring.  Try planning your next outfit around one interesting accessory.

Try a Trend

Colored denim and color blocking are both very wearable trends and are both huge for fall and winter.  Swap out your regular dark wash jeans for a vibrant blue or red.  Add a color blocked sweater or scarf in complementary colors.  These two trends work great together.  Just remember to keep the rest of your look simple by sticking with neutral accessories

Hat it Up

Hats are an instant style maker.  Bonus – you can hide a bad hair day and look chic at the same time.  Don’t own any hats? Start off this trend with a fedora, which looks great on just about everyone.

All of these trends work great with items you already own and will go a long way toward infusing new life into your wardrobe.  Get ready to enjoy going into your closet again!

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