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Get Strappy: Top Five Shoe Styles for Summer 2012

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April 26, 2012

It’s no secret that many of us love shoes.  Finding and purchasing that perfect pair can make your day or week.  When you slip into some footwear you adore, it adds a skip in your step and a smile to your face.  Summer shoe styles are out now and ladies it is time to stock up.  Here are the top five styles for this summer season.


Wedges are back. OK, so they never actually left.  Wedge-heeled shoes have been in style for the past few years and it is one type of shoe that isn’t fading into the sunset.  Sandal styles can be found in any price range.  The key to the wedge for this season is to make it neutral.  Think natural fabrics like linen and leather as well as browns, blacks and taupe.  JCPenney has the a.n.a. Mary Ann Wedge sandal as a nice take on this trend.


Espadrilles follow closely behind the wedge heeled sandals.  Those classic strap or tie around the ankle sandals are perfect in brightly colored and printed fabrics, especially floral prints.  Look for colors like neon yellow, bright grass green, and cobalt blue to dress up an outfit once the weather turns warm.  I love Nine West Romancing style espadrille in pink.

Pointed Heels

Pointed heels are making the rounds again.  After a brief reprieve where we were all wearing round-toe shoes,the extreme point in heels once again.  It doesn’t stop with heels either.  Flats are also showing up with pointed toes too.  What I love about pointed flats is that they are best in bright colors and a great way to accent an outfit or play up the color blocking trend. Ivanka Trump brand has the Annulio style in coral to showcase this look.


Lace-up shoes are everywhere right now.  The revival of the classic oxford style flat shoe, which hasn’t been seen since the early 80s, is great for casual weekend looks. The ultra-high heel lace-up sandal was used by many designers on the runway this spring.  It was seen in pastels, another trend for shoes this summer, and in neutral tones.  For oxfords ASOS Maurice style leather and patent lace up brogue is perfect, while Chinese Laundry has the ‘Hall of Fame’ sandal for those daring girls who want the ultimate heeled sandal.

Braided Sandals

Braided sandals were also seen on many Spring/Summer 2012 catwalks.  The best way to wear this type of shoe is with brightly colored or interesting patterned braiding.  I love Two Lips Shoes Pashmina style in purple for its tiny braided straps that can be seen all around the shoe.

Five styles, three months and warm weather.  Summer never looked so good!

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