Stick It! Beauty Buys in One Handy Stick

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March 20, 2014

First, there was the lipstick. We loved how portable it was to throw a tube in our purse. No more pots and tins for us! That coasted us along for quite a few beauty decades.  Today, we’ve moved way beyond lipstick. Almost every beauty product available to us in stick form.  It’s handy, quick, and easy-to-use and is totally portable.  The best and brightest in make-up and skincare are right here just waiting for you to highlight, tone, tame and soften you in one little stick.

Skin Deep

Just like lipstick, the deodorant is probably the next stick you think of when it comes to personal care.  There is a whole lot more in the twist up stick family when it comes to skincare. Jettison all the tubes and tubs and find it in a beauty stick.

Sunscreen in stick form is becoming more popular year after year. It applies seamless coverage on both adults and kids.  It’s ultra-fast and beats the gooey mess that regular sunblock supplies. Just swipe away and it can get into those hard-to-reach places and make full coverage foolproof.

Don’t forget the moisturizer!  The Body Shop has a truly wonderful glide on Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Stick that follows your shapes and curves while putting the kibosh on dull, wintry skin.

Fabulous Face-Off 

Sticks are now available in concealer, foundation and blush.  Stick foundation like New York Fit Me Shine-Free Gel by Maybelline goes on smooth and blends well. It is great for touch-ups throughout the day and sits pretty in your purse when not in use.   Concealer and Highlighter sticks have superior staying power and in the winter months the creamy stick blush from NYX blends well without the drying formula of powder which can just sit on your face.

Your precious peepers can take a break from brushstroke applied eye shadow and delve into the stick genre too. It is not just for eyeliner anymore! Bright shades to smokey hues abound in fat and slim style sticks. Just swipe, smudge and blend – and beautiful eyes are all yours.  Rimmel London Scandal’Eyes is an affordable and fun option.

Lip Service

Remember when Clinique Chubby Stick was all the rage?  Well, they no longer play alone.  Now everyone from Revlon to Cover Girl and everyone in between have a stick balm, lip stain or lipstick to offer coverage in matte, creamy, sheer or satin lips.  Sticks work well for precision application that is more subtle and less drying than using a lip pencil.  Color stays on; the options are endless and portable leaving you looking great!

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