How to Start Running and Training for a 5K

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September 23, 2011

Running seems to be jumping up in the list for people’s choice of fitness and I can understand why. It is fun. Yes, I said fun. And it works for any shape, size, or age. If you haven’t started running, here are some great tips to get your feet moving and even begin training for a 5k and beyond.

Start Slow

You don’t want an injury. No matter your fitness level, you should always start out slowly to avoid injury. If you have never run before, a good place to start is C25K. This Couch to 5k app can be downloaded on your Droid, iPhone, or iPod. It is a 9 week training program which starts off as a walk/run in the beginning weeks and by week 9, you are running 30 minutes straight. There are voice prompts that go over your music. If you are an occasional runner, you may not need an app to get you started but a odometer to track your distance. This will help you to increase your times to maybe win a race.

Find A Place To Run

This is a great way to get you motivated. Finding a beautiful trail or great neighborhood can make all the difference. You need a place to feel free and that place is different for everybody. I have a few places I like to run because I can switch up my routes and I tend not to get bored.

Make A Great Playlist

Music can make a difference on your run and your mindset. I personally can’t listen to slow pace music, I need fast pace and motivational music. Everyone is different so find that playlist that makes you want to hit the pavement hard and fast.

Sign Up For A Race

Once you feel ready, sign up for a local race within your budget. Actually making the commitment is great motivation to keep training and gives you a goal to train for.

Have Fun

Last but not least, have fun. Running is a huge stress reliever as well as a great way to burn calories. You can do this with your kids (jogging strollers) and your dog. And even if you decide a 5K is the longest distance you want to go, it is better than no distance at all.

And for anyone wanting to expand from a 5k to a 10k, check out Bridge to 10K training app here as well.

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