Spring Clean Your Workspace!

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March 23, 2015

Spring is a great time to open your windows and clean all of the cobwebby corners of your house. It’s also a great time to tackle your workspace. Your home may get regular attention but it can be easy to forget that your desk and office need a deep cleaning once in a while. Here are some tips to help you get started:


Do you still have napkins from last year’s Christmas party, menus from restaurants that closed two years ago and old files taking up space in your drawers?  Grab a garbage pail and start digging for items that can be thrown away. Designate a bin for things that need to be filed or put away and remove them from your desk. Take home any extra sweaters or items that you no longer need at work. You will be surprised by how much space you suddenly have!

Keyboard Cleanup

One of the grossest things on anyone’s desk is their keyboard. Not only does dust and dead skin accumulate on the keys but, if you snack while you work, chances are that some pretty old crumbs are still lingering under your fingertips. Turn the keyboard upside down and gently tap to release anything that is trapped inside. Use a can of pressurized air to dislodge any other gunk. You can also use putties or small vacuums designed for cleaning keyboards.

Wipe Surfaces

Find some place to put the contents of your drawers, desktop and shelves and then begin by removing the thick layer of dust that has probably accumulated (dust these items too before returning them to your workspace!) Then, use moist cleaning cloths to wipe down all of the hard surfaces. If your allergy symptoms suddenly improve, you will know why.

Freshen Fabrics

Has the fabric on your chair seen better days? The chair may not belong to you but you sit in it every day and are responsible for keeping it clean. If your morning smoothie or coffee has left any stains, pick up some spot remover and treat the affected area. Spritz it with some Febreze to freshen up the scent. If you have carpet under your desk, grab the vacuum and give it a good cleaning.

Add a Plant

Now that your workspace is so neat and tidy, why not add a plant for both ambience and to keep the air around you feeling fresh and clean? Pick something that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance or light but adds just enough greenery to brighten your day.

Set aside some time this spring to arrive early or stay late at work and address your workstation. It will feel so good that you will want to keep it clean all the time but, if you don’t, there’s always next spring!

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