Skip the Gifts This Mother’s Day: 7 Ways to Start a New Tradition

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April 29, 2013

Mother’s Day is a day to truly enjoy your children and celebrate your family. Unfortunately (like many holidays) Mother’s Day has become incredibly commercialized. From television commercials touting the best Mother’s Day cuisine, to full displays of flowers and cards at your local grocery store, you have probably already been inundated with the commercial aspect of the holiday.

Instead of focusing on material possessions this Mother’s Day, try to encourage your children (and spouse) to incorporate more family oriented time. One way to do this is by starting a new Mother’s Day tradition. Here are just a few ideas to consider:

Mother’s Day Brunch

Many families have the tradition of enjoying a Mother’s Day brunch. It can be the perfect time for your spouse or children to show off their culinary skills at home. What mom wouldn’t love some breakfast served in bed? Or if your family is lacking in the culinary department, go to your favorite restaurant for brunch and enjoy your time together.

Plan a Day Outdoors

Make it a new tradition to spend your Mother’s Day enjoying the great outdoors. Choose a spot that you love – like a local garden center, hiking trail, or park. You can spend your day enjoying the scenery and your family. Have the family pack a picnic lunch with some of your favorite items.


Do you enjoy gardening? If so, spend your Mother’s Day gardening with your family. You can purchase some flowers, plants, or trees and create some beautiful landscaping together. You may even consider starting a Mother’s Day garden.

Child-free Time

It may seem counter-intuitive since Mother’s Day is all about being a mother, but having your spouse take the kids for a few hours on Mother’s Day to allow for some “you” time can be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Needing some spouse time? See if you can find a babysitter for a few hours on Mother’s Day to allow you and your spouse to spend quality alone time together. Or do both! Start off with time enjoying the company of your kids, and end it with a date night.

Pack Up and Head Out

Take a day trip with your family. Go on an exploration to find new places. Try mapping out all the locations within a few hours driving distance and make stops at any that look fun and interesting. This can be the perfect way to make memories together. Spending each Mother’s Day finding new hidden treasures on day trips is a fabulous tradition that is guaranteed to continue on year after year.

Everyone Wins

Want to spend some quality time together as a family, but everyone has different interests? Wake up and have everyone write down on a piece of paper what one family activity they/d most like to do for the day. Fold the papers and place them all in a jar. Spend the day drawing, one at a time, from the jar. Do whatever activity is on the paper and move on to the next.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Break out the old photo albums and drives on your computer and look through photographs. You can choose to go through all your old photos or even just look at photos from the previous year. You may be surprised at all the things you have forgotten about.

Mother’s Day can be fulfilling and complete without all the commercialized hype. If you know your Mother cherishes the bouquet of flowers you send, by all means still send them; however, if you aren’t sure of the “perfect” gift or if your mother is without specific needs, consider giving the gift of quality time. What is your favorite Mother’s Day activity?

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