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Show Dad the Love: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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June 5, 2012

The big day for Moms has just passed, and now it’s time for us to honor the other half of the parental puzzle – Dads.  Whether you want to give him an experience he won’t soon forget – or a keepsake to keep the family top of mind when he’s travelling for work, here are some gift ideas to spoil him this Father’s Day:

Game Day. If he’s a sports nut, give him a day at the game. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, hockey or football, buy him a pair of tickets to take one of his best buds to the game and give him the day off from the kids. Even if his team’s season is over, you can always get tickets for next fall or winter. If you don’t live near a sports team and really want to splurge, consider gifting him a weekend away complete with airfare, hotel, and tickets to see his favorite team.

Home Base. If sending him away for the weekend isn’t in the cards, give him a game day at home. Arrange to get him some gear from his favorite team and let him have the “game day” experience at home. Arrange for snacks and beer and vacate the premises. He can invite the guys over and enjoy the big screen at home without any distractions.

Chore-Free Day or Week. A great gift idea is something that doesn’t cost anything at all and that the kids can help with. Give Dad a day free of any “to-do lists” around the house. Get the kids to pitch in and help out with the chores that Dad usually takes care of throughout the week or weekend. Whether it’s making dinner or mowing the lawn, kids can pitch in and give Dad something that he always wants and needs – a little time off.

Tie it up. Ties are the traditional, I-don’t-know-what-to-get-you Father’s Day gift. They may be practical, but they are hardly warm and fuzzy. Instead of getting him something to suit up in, why not get him a custom luggage tag? It’s perfect for the Dad who is always travelling and every time he sees his luggage – no matter where in the world he is – he’ll think of his family.

Whatever you decide to get Dad this year, remember the most important gift – to tell him you love him and appreciate him every day.

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