Short Shorts? Fear Not. Show Off Those Legs This Summer

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May 22, 2015

Short shorts are always in style in summer right? So it’s time to get your legs looking their best right now. Here are a few tips to get glowing, toned legs in time for beach weather.

Hair Free and Smooth

If you shave, chose your razors wisely. Nicks and cuts are more unattractive than stubble. Look for a razor geared toward women and never use disposable as they tend to be harsher. Remember dull blades can cut as much or more than brand new sharp ones, so use a shave gel, cream or oil when shaving and take it slow. Shave in the direction of the hair growth after your skin has warmed up under the shower water and be gentle.

Waxing is great if you can tolerate the pain – some people feel it more than others. You do need to grow in your hair before waxing though, so time it wisely!

Epilating uses a small machine and unlike waxing, you don’t have to wait for the hairs to get too long. Many women do this once a week and keep legs smooth and soft this way.

Depilatory creams or lotions that melt the hair away work too, though they can get messy and leave many women with irritated skin. They also only dissolve surface hair so if your hair is dark, you will likely see small dark spots where the hair is just under the surface of your skin.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

First, get rid of any dry spots on knees or ankles by lightly exfoliating twice a week. You can buy a body exfoliator or make one with oil and sugar yourself. After you’re done, make sure you lock in moisture. Some women like creams and body butters. Others prefer oils to add a glow to their legs. There are many dry oils or argan oil-based products on the market. Some creams have light reflecting particles that add a small shimmer while highlighting skin to look it’s best.

Toned and Sexy

While toning cannot make you lose fat in your legs, it can give you nice definition in the calves and thighs. It can also help keep that area above your knee from drooping as you age. Try doing calf raises a few days a week and then graduate to doing them with light weights. Squats and lunges are the ultimate toners for thighs. Plain old walking is great for legs and even better if it includes some hills or soft sand like the beach.

Self tanning sprays and lotions have come a long way since those orange based concoctions. They are great to help disguise minor imperfections like spider veins and they make legs look sleeker and more even toned.

If you’re going to wear short shorts (or skirts), pay attention to your legs and get them in tip top shape to look your best this spring and summer!

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