Shake Up Your Wake-Up Routine #SilkFruit

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May 7, 2013

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Nothing would make me happier than waking up to a buffet of omelets, pancakes, cereal, fruit, coffee, and juices. But what if there was a healthier drink alternative – one that provided protein, calcium and Vitamin D? That’s where Silk® Fruit & Protein comes in. Silk Fruit & Protein is a delicious fruit juice blend that serves up a tangy-sweet blend of juices along with 5 grams of nourishing protein that the entire family will love. It comes in three delicious flavors: mixed berry, mango peach, and strawberry banana. Shake up your wake-up routine!

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Here’s what some of our SocialMoms have to say!

  • Young at Heart Mommy loves the taste and satisfaction of a glass of Silk Fruit & Protein. “Yearning for something more, I decided to “shake up” our mornings and incorporate Silk Fruit & Protein. I immediately fell in love with the flavor and so did my four year old. She called it a “smoothie” and requested more after she quickly gulped down the first glass. Since we are often running short of time when getting ready in the morning, this blend is ideal for taking on the go in a sippy cup.”

  • Brittany from Butterfly Mom liked shaking up her routine. “Adding Silk Fruit & Protein to our morning breakfast routine was seamless. My kids love the taste, and I am very satisfied with the nutrition. A little music, a little Silk, and a lot of fun make our mornings a lot more lively.”

  • Nicki with Little Island Studios uses it in her recipes! ”When my kiddos get up we make breakfast together. Sometimes we make French toast with Silk Fruit & Protein, this is a treat not to be missed! We eat together and talk about what we are doing that day and upcoming fun we are excited about!  Cooking and eating together in the mornings always starts our day off on the right step and not to mention…deliciously healthy step!”

  • Kristin at Our Ordinary Life feels great about feeding her kids Silk Fruit & Protein. “I think all too often parents underestimate how much their children need a healthy filling meal in the morning so they can concentrate on their work and not their tummies. Silk Fruit & Protein is something I have added to my children’s mornings and I feel good knowing they are prepared for their day ahead plus it’s an excellent source of Calcium, Vitamin D, & Vitamin C.”

  • Shari from Have u Heard loves a healthy drink in the morning.  ”A brisk walk in the morning followed by a healthy breakfast and a healthy drink is just we needed to ‘shake it up.”

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