Get Sexy Arms the Right Way

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February 24, 2012

Many women’s health magazines say you can get great, toned arms if you do their prescribed exercises (in 4 weeks or less).  I am here to argue that you can’t get those arms doing what they say.  It is my belief that most women featured in Women’s Health Magazines are:

  1. Too skinny
  2. Don’t really have sexy, toned arms
  3. Don’t eat enough protein or healthy fats to really get defined arms

What kind of arms do you want?  The kind that are simply toned or do you want real womanly arms with visible muscle, like Michelle Obama?  I want the real thing – the definition that shows … the arms where you get stopped on the street and asked, “What do you do to look like that?” That is a compliment to me and if I’m fielding them every day, I’d be thrilled.

So, here are my suggestions to get killer arms. Eat well and use weights. It should be noted that you can’t have both unhealthy foods and killer arms.  In order to get and see results, the diet has to change at the same time you add a weight training routine to your schedule.

Keep your diet really clean.  The advice on food in most magazines is low-fat nonsense. Eggs and bacon are not the enemy – sugar and processed white flour foods are worse for you.  My typical breakfast consists of leftover dinner plus an egg or two.  I love avocados, coconut oil and nuts – and I eat plenty of protein in whatever source it comes in conveniently and fast – chicken, ground beef, steak, fish, tuna or sliced deli meat.  When cooking, I often make two meals at once so there is enough leftovers for breakfast and lunch.

I’ve previously written about the benefits of strength training here, and my absolute best suggestions for awesome arms are to include strict chest-to-deck push ups, Turkish Get-Ups, Handstand Push-ups, Shoulder Press, and Bench Dips.

Moms, I can’t emphasise this enough – you need to have a strong upper body to hold, carry, and love your children. You need to be able to put 25-pound boxes of detergent over your head on the shelf.   You need to be able to carry old Christmas decorations to the garage and put them away without asking your husband to help or do it for you.  The best method for learning how to lift weights is to seek out a trainer at a local gym and ask for specific exercises to increase upper body strength – particularly using dumbbells rather than any weight machine.

Good luck, and have fun showing off your guns.

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