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Set Off on a Scenic Road Trip

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July 29, 2020

With a global pandemic making air travel more undesirable than ever, and gas prices reaching record lows, 2020 is unofficially the year of the family road trip. By keeping the focus on nature and wide-open spaces, it’s easy to both socially distance and stretch your budget as you make the best of these trying times.

Noting that more families than ever are opting to set off on road trips instead of jetting off to a faraway destination, InsureMyTrip compiled a list of the most scenic road trips in America. As always, before you hit the road, be sure to check the official state or health department website for the most up-to-date information on travel advisories related to COVID-19. Here are our picks for the best scenic road trips for a getaway to remember.

Badlands Scenic Loop 

South Dakota’s Route 240 and Route 44 form a 39-mile loop through the stunningly picturesque Badlands. Several stopping points with scenic overlooks give families a chance to learn more about the unique geology that formed Badlands National Park.

Region: Midwest

Best time to go: May – June, August – September

Distance: Approx. 39 miles

Kancamagus Highway

New Hampshire’s Kancamagus Highway is a classic, tree-lined, New England highway. Several easy hikes and historic highlights including the Albany Covered Bridge, the Russell-Colbath Historic Site, and Upper Lady’s Bath make it a highway that promises plenty of adventure. 

Region: Northeast

Best time to go: April – October

Distance: Approx. 56 miles

Scenic Byway 12

Head deep into canyon country as you road trip along Utah’s State Route 12. The 123-mile trip connects Bryce National Park and Capitol Reef National Park and passes near several state and national parks, historic sites, and monuments, make it a family road trip that’s both filled with adventure and learning. 

Best time to go: April – May, September – October

Distance: Approx. 123 miles

Fastest travel time: 3 hours

Leisurely Travel time: 2-4 days

Oregon Coast Highway 

It’s one of the most beautiful stretches of highway in the U.S., spanning 363 miles along the state’s Pacific coastline. Oregon’s Highway 101 is a bucket list road trip destination dotted with some of the best natural beaches you’ll ever encounter.

Best time to go: June – September

Distance: Approx. 363 miles

Fastest travel time: 10-12 hours

Leisurely travel time: 2-4 days

Blue Ridge Parkway

Take an unforgettable drive through the Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah National Parks along the Blue Ridge Parkway, a 469-mile stretch of road that winds through Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Ideal for the family that loves to take a hike.  

Best time to go: May – September

Distance: Approx. 469 miles

Fastest Travel time: 13-15 hours

Leisurely travel time: 2-4 days

What’s your family’s most memorable road trip? Share in the comments below! Plus, check out these tips and tricks for road tripping during the pandemic.

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