Rough Around the Edges with Distressed Denim

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June 12, 2014

Forget about showing off your softer side.  The pastels of early spring were fun for a while, but now it is time to embrace the rougher look that is distressed denim.  Show the wear and tear on that pair of ripped jeans, blue or white, and work it day or night. It’s easier and more fun than you think. Here’s how.

Playing Dress Up

Think you can’t be fancy in a pair of ripped Levi’s?  Think again.

  1. A pair of white jeans in a perforated design, worn with heels and a pretty little tank, looks great with simple jewelry and a soft ‘do. Play down the dramatics with the make-up and hair but do don a pair of funky heeled sandals, studded belt or lots of arm candy on your wrists. Wearing white on white works well too.
  2. A dark wash denim T-shirt or tunic worn as a dress shows a certain bit of sophistication. Bonus points if the edges are frayed at the neck, sleeves and hem. Pair it with gladiator sandals for a look with real character and sass.
  3. Dress up a pair of light wash denim that is riddled with holes by using chain accessories. A blue leather clutch with metal details looks fresh for spring or fall this year. Denim heels also work well. A simple white dress shirt or tank completes the look.

Taking It Easy

You can’t get more summer loving’ than with a set of denim cut-off shorts.  That’s laid back to the extreme.  There are other frayed and destroyed denims to explore when you go casual for a weekend away or just hanging around your ‘hood.

  1. Roll up the ripped white denim capris and mix it up with a denim vest or jacket in a medium blue wash. The look is layered in denim but it works. A blue denim belt can also tie up a look in a stylish new way.
  2. Flats are a go-to shoe for summer and a cute little pair of denim sneakers will create a modern twist on a casual outfit of capri pants, shorts, overalls or even a midi-skirt in the time it takes you to tie the laces.
  3. Be ultra-daring and explore the new trend du jour: crop tops. A denim crop top with a high-waisted skirt or set of pants is very now.

It’s summer time and before we know it the pre-fall season (yes, it is still a thing) will be on our cute little heels.  Wearing a bit of frayed or ripped denim is a great way to work a trend in two seasons.  You can dress it up or dress it down, either way the look is very hip, very now.

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