Roman Ruins in Style For Spring

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January 23, 2014

Remember gladiator sandals?  You rocked them all summer long for the past two years! Be prepared to haul them out of the closet and dust them off again for this spring and summer. Styles and inspiration taken right from the ancient ruins of Rome will be trending hard and we want to show you just how to pull the look off with little effort.

Neutrally Yours

Taking a cue from the blush-tone trend, use neutral and natural tones like blush, nude and cream colors for the backdrop to this Roman style trend.  The soft pink pastel, labeled blush, was seen last spring and summer and it’s back again for another round in the fashion coliseum.  It sets just the right backdrop for this creative and slightly decadent look.   Not sold on it?  That’s fine, black can also be a substitute.

Think thick pleats in skirts and dresses with minimal length when choosing to arm yourself in a gladiator-inspired creation. Metallic fabrics and baby doll dresses cut in a precise A-line work well as do flowing cotton and chiffon skirts decked out in gold thread or accents.  For a more dramatic take add a jacket with a roman-accented design on it. You can go as deep into this trend as you want or just play it safe and subtle.

Sandal Shod Feet

When it comes to shoes you know the drill. Dig out your lace up sandals, gladiator style pumps and leather flat-soled sandals. Very versatile, these style shoes can be worn with almost everything.  Slide them on with shorts, dresses, short skirts and even jeans for a gilded look that hits the mark each time.  Slip on a pair of gold metallic flats or thick-soled sandals for a simple style that has a great effect.

Off the Chain

Go for the gold when it comes to accessorizing this look.  Think thick gold chains and rope style necklaces and bracelets adorned with lion heads or left plain. Coins and medallions imprinted with gladiators, medusa-style faces and more will be available all over in the warmer months. Expect to see lots of chunky jewelry to go with those thick pleats and metallic and gladiator style sandals.  Hoop earrings are in and look great when matched with leather wrapped headbands.  This is the perfect time to scour vintage websites and stores for coin-bedecked purses, charm bracelets and straw handbags that can still make the cut.  The style made popular by Italian-inspired films, like Roman Holiday, from the 1960s is back!

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